Subscription Box Sunday: New Review–Rainbow Honey Mini Subscription July 2014

I was first introduced to the Rainbow Honey brand, ironically, in my first Wantable makeup subscription box. Rainbow Honey is known particularly for glitter-packed polishes and scented topcoats. 

Rainbow Honey offers their subscription in both fullsized and mini. I currently subscribe to the mini–mostly for space-saving reasons! Each month comes with 2-3 polishes and several other beauty & nailcare goodies. If you want to test it out with out committing to a subscription you can also purchase prior months individually.




Each package comes with a fun insert describing all the products! July I received 3 mini polishes, perfume, cuticle balm, and aloe cooling gel. 



Also in the package was a coupon to celebrate the release of their summer collection!DSCN7282


L-R: Deep heart sea, Viridis, Chemical Plant. 

DSCN7283 DSCN7284 DSCN7285


L-R: Cuticle balm, perfume, and cooling gel.

Each month the scents are usually on a theme–July everything was midori scented–a summery fruity melon scent that makes me crave a midori sour. 

You can visit their website here to purchase your own! Fullsized is $25 and mini is $10. You can also currently purchase individual packages of July and August while supplies last. 


Happy shopping!!


Missing Manicures!

I have been idle and not showing you my lacquerista art lately! Let’s play catch up, shall we?


Unfortunately this one is SO OLD that I can’t tell you what colors I used. I can tell you this was my first serious playtime with my dotting tools. I’m super happy with how the little hearts turned out! Also it’s hard to tell but my thumbs have glitter on the french tip region!


I got wise and started taking pictures so at least you would know what brands were used! This picture is precleanup. It didnt turn out the way i would like and Essie SOTT doesn’t photograph well on potato, but this was supposed to be sunset and it was my first sponge gradient experiment. not a total failure.


My first Rainbow Honey polish! this color is the kraken. Plus one of the Ariel sephora polishes, and a polish from the Julep champagne trio. Freehand cloudstyle manicure.


Stripe tape FTW! And doesnt that Skinn nude shade match my nailbed perfectly? It doesn’t even look like polish. its my MNBB color. I had a little bit of messiness on my right hand due to being righthanded but it kinda looked like I meant to do that so aherm….i *meant* to do that.

There you have it! I have more coming your way, don’t you worry! I have been a very busy blogger this summer and I can’t wait to show you what else I have been up to!