Subscription Box Sunday: Wantable Intimates

A few months ago, the very popular Wantable added an “Intimates” box to the arsenal of makeup and accessories. I was very pleased with my results in the makeup boxes, so I decided to give the Intimates a try. Like the other boxes, you fill out a very detailed survey regarding preferences and sizes, and you receive a mix of socks, underpants, tights, camisoles, bras, and anything else that could fall into the category of unmentionables. This was my first box and I have stayed subscribed because I was very pleased!


As the other boxes, Intimates comes with a description of all included items, as well as your selected preferences on top.


First glimpse! I already see adorable socks

DSCN3315 DSCN3316 DSCN3317

Argyle socks, muk luk tights, and one of the softest t-shirts I have ever worn!

DSCN3318 DSCN3319

Steve Madden PJ shorts. I think I might adjust my size settings to “Large” for shorts, because while the tights fit fine these were a bit snug.

DSCN3320 DSCN3321

Argyle socks! This is a great color combination and they fit great, as you can see 🙂


Here you can see the shirt and shorts on. Again, the shirt fits wonderfully but the shorts are snug.


Tights! These are great in the winter. They do get a bit itchy after an extended period of time but they make it through a work day which is all that matters.


Anybody else try it? If you want to test the waters, you can buy a single box for $40, or a subscription for $36–which is easy to cancel or suspend at a moment’s notice. Happy shopping!