Subscription Box Sunday: New Review–Rainbow Honey Mini Subscription July 2014

I was first introduced to the Rainbow Honey brand, ironically, in my first Wantable makeup subscription box. Rainbow Honey is known particularly for glitter-packed polishes and scented topcoats. 

Rainbow Honey offers their subscription in both fullsized and mini. I currently subscribe to the mini–mostly for space-saving reasons! Each month comes with 2-3 polishes and several other beauty & nailcare goodies. If you want to test it out with out committing to a subscription you can also purchase prior months individually.




Each package comes with a fun insert describing all the products! July I received 3 mini polishes, perfume, cuticle balm, and aloe cooling gel. 



Also in the package was a coupon to celebrate the release of their summer collection!DSCN7282


L-R: Deep heart sea, Viridis, Chemical Plant. 

DSCN7283 DSCN7284 DSCN7285


L-R: Cuticle balm, perfume, and cooling gel.

Each month the scents are usually on a theme–July everything was midori scented–a summery fruity melon scent that makes me crave a midori sour. 

You can visit their website here to purchase your own! Fullsized is $25 and mini is $10. You can also currently purchase individual packages of July and August while supplies last. 


Happy shopping!!


Subscription Box Sunday– Bride Box!

Don’t get excited, I’m not getting married. But my best friend is and I’ll be the maid of honor!! So in the course of my duties I obtained a Bride Box for Pam, and in exchange she sent me all these lovely pictures and her thoughts so that I could share them with you!

P1050018 P1050020


These are the pictures of the box. Pam said: “Got my BrideBox!!!  So fun…  There was some really cool stuff in there – and everything that there was a sample of also came with a discount, which was awesome!”  As a subscription addict myself, I always appreciate additional discounts.





P1050019  P1050021

“On top of the box were two neat little cards from with advice for brides on choosing their maids as well as a bridesmaids “do’s and don’ts” list. Cute!  I will definately be checking out the website to get tips on how to pull of a “stress-free” wedding – because THAT’S possible.  haha! Under those cards was the lovely tissue paper packing, complete with adorable sticker.” As a bridesmaid I will definitely be keeping an eye on this bridesmaid list as well!


“Opened that up and the first thing I saw were the foam “Bride” and “Groom” can cozies.  Adorbs.” I have to agree. I seriously hope I see Pam and her fiancee making use of these over the summer 🙂


“Then a little bag with his and hers blue-gem “I Do” and “Me Too” shoe stickers. (I’m thinking this might be even CUTER on some wine glasses – just sayin’.) ” I think these would be cute on shoes OR wine glasses. I’m only curious about their longevity in shoe-wearing or dish-washing.

P1050026 P1050028 P1050029 P1050030

“Next was an ADORABLE iron-on transfer sample that says (of course) “bride”.  I will SO be putting that on a tank top.  Next was a little postcard with pictures of some very pretty personalized robes and things, which also provided a discount for personalized gifts. ”  I cant wait to see my bff in her Bride tank top!


Now there was an additional item in the bag that I seem to have lost the pictures–but here is what Pam had to say:

“And they saved the BEST for last. On the bottom was a GORGEOUS full 8 1/2 x 11 burlap “happily ever after” print that is personalized for our wedding!!  We both LOVE it. We already decided what color matting we’re getting for the frame…and where we’re hanging it.  AWESOME.  Not only that, but the bridebox page even gave specifics on what  size frame and matting works best for this print – how helpful is that?!?!  LOVE IT.”

Unfortunately I also made a typo submitting their information and the year was incorrect on the print 😦 We discovered that later.


Subscriptions are $35 for a month or $300 for a full year. You have the ability to enter all information regarding your wedding–names, anniversaries, monogram, date, wedding colors, # of maids and groomsmen, and even shirt sizes! You can also gift a subscription and have it sent to your favorite bride-to-be. Subscription boxes are an increasingly popular gift–I just gifted my sister with a subscription to a different box for a graduation gift.


Any other brides to be? Thoughts?

Subscription Box Sunday: Wantable Accessories Box June 2014

Disclaimer: I subscribe to the other two Wantable boxes and was offered one of their Accessory boxes for free for review. The box was free, the opinions are my own. 🙂


Welcome back readers! This sunday I have one of my favorite subscription companies, Wantable. I have found that, while on the pricier side of subscriptions, the personalization is the highest quality and I always get a lot of use out of everything I receive. Here is June’s Accessory box.


Above are all four pieces I received in my box. Already I like the variety. There are earrings, a necklace, a cuff, and a ring. Let’s take a closer look!


I have been really into larger rings lately and was not disappointed by this one. I will say however that I wore it for several days in a row and my finger turned green. If you are sensitive to metals I suggest one of my default fix-its and coat the inside with clear nail polish as a barrier to prevent discoloration!


Here’ a look at the cuff. I like it because it is lightweight and doesn’t clank around when I type at work.


I really enjoy this necklace. It’s funky but still classy and a color you don’t necessarily see every day–all I see at stores the past 2 years are mint and coral, which are nice but you can only have so much. And it looks good against my tan! 😛




Last but not least, the earrings. These are different from anything else in my jewelry collection and I can’t wait to pair it up with outfits!


If you would like to try a box for yourself, you can head over to or click here to use my personal referral link. What’s nice is you can buy a single box without signing up for a subscription, if you aren’t sure you want to commit to the cost. A single box is $40. When you subscribe the cost reduces to $36, and referring friends earns you credits.


So, what do you all think? Any readers sub to Wantable? Also side note–can anyone tell me what is wrong with my camera?  You can see in the bracelet picture it looks as if I took the picture through a screen or its distorted somehow. Thanks everyone!

Subscription Box Sunday: Wantable Intimates

A few months ago, the very popular Wantable added an “Intimates” box to the arsenal of makeup and accessories. I was very pleased with my results in the makeup boxes, so I decided to give the Intimates a try. Like the other boxes, you fill out a very detailed survey regarding preferences and sizes, and you receive a mix of socks, underpants, tights, camisoles, bras, and anything else that could fall into the category of unmentionables. This was my first box and I have stayed subscribed because I was very pleased!


As the other boxes, Intimates comes with a description of all included items, as well as your selected preferences on top.


First glimpse! I already see adorable socks

DSCN3315 DSCN3316 DSCN3317

Argyle socks, muk luk tights, and one of the softest t-shirts I have ever worn!

DSCN3318 DSCN3319

Steve Madden PJ shorts. I think I might adjust my size settings to “Large” for shorts, because while the tights fit fine these were a bit snug.

DSCN3320 DSCN3321

Argyle socks! This is a great color combination and they fit great, as you can see 🙂


Here you can see the shirt and shorts on. Again, the shirt fits wonderfully but the shorts are snug.


Tights! These are great in the winter. They do get a bit itchy after an extended period of time but they make it through a work day which is all that matters.


Anybody else try it? If you want to test the waters, you can buy a single box for $40, or a subscription for $36–which is easy to cancel or suspend at a moment’s notice. Happy shopping!