Sampling Saturday: Intro to Gloom Naturals

I know this post comes late in the day but I CANNOT have you wait another week to meet this new brand! Gloom Naturals offered to send me some samples to review and naturally I agreed–but wait until you see what she sent. My little package was way beyond what I expected.

Also, if you are reading this lovely, I do owe all an apology for the quality of my pictures, here and lately. My camera is dying and my lighting is going downhill. I ordered a lightbox and am looking at cameras but I MAY need to use my phone for a bit because I took sooooo many more pictures I couldnt use!


Everything came packaged in a bubble mailer. Then there was this note inside letting me know which shades she was sending me, as well as links to the Facebook page and Etsy store. 


First surprise: Eyeliner! I was expecting 3 lipstick samples and the first thing I pull out is this giant tub of black cream eyeliner!


This is it open, for size. There is also an ingredient list on the back. From the shop listing: ingredients: local beeswax, castor oil, jojoba oil, black oxide, kaolin clay.  I was definitely impressed, but more on that later. DSCN7796 

I attempted to do some arm swatches but it looks much better on my eyes. DSCN7799

Second Surprise: 3 FULL lipsticks! L-R Olde English 800, Faster Pussycat, and Nice Girls Dont Wear Cha Cha Heels. DSCN7800 

These ar the colors, same order, cranked all the way up. Comparable to any store bought lipstick! They are molded well and the packaging is very professional. 


Closeup of the extended tubes. 


Arm swatches of the lipsticks.


Eye swatch of the liner, applied with a Starlooks angled liner brush. It glides very smoothly–i had to work the brush a little bit to pick up product the first time i used it; however this has not been a problem at all since this first time and I’ve been using the liner for about a week now. 


Olde English 800. I was actually concerned how a gold lipstick was going to work but it starts on the sheer side and you build it up as you want.



Faster Pussycat.The listing describes it as matte coral but its more orange-red to me, or at least on my skintone. 


Nice Girls Don’t Wear Cha Cha Heels! There isnt a listing up in the shop currently for this color. Its a bright pink that leans ever-so-slightly purple. I feel like my spirit animal, Nicki Minaj. 


Day Trials! This week I used the eyeliner every day and used different lipsticks to test against eating, drinking, daily work grind wear, etc. 


Day 1 Products used. 


Day 1 Eye. The eyeliner is actually pretty buildable as well. It applies with a medium coverage but if you go over it again its super black. love it!


The whole look. The lips today were Faster, Pussycat. Here is also a prime example of stupid camera syndrome. DSCN7822

 This is my face after a full day of work–approximately 10 hours after application with no touch ups. You can tell my lips hae work but unless you are quite close up and examining it just looks like a lip stain or more sheer coverage.  DSCN7836

Day 2! Today was Nice Girls. Again, I use the eyeliner and had a little fun with my electric palette. DSCN7840





Again I really don’t know whats going on with the camera. It’s on its last legs.    



Day 3 Products. It was Olde English 800 day so I used less products since I felt the lipstick would be bold.DSCN7858



So there you have it! Sorry the look pics are so terrible–I go to work before the sun rises and my camera no longer plays nicely with the bathroom lighting. My overall impression of the products is very positive! The eyeliner especially may be my new favorite liner and the jar appears to hold quite a lot of product, which is 1/2 an oz per the shop listing. Faster Pussycat definitely was the longest lasting shade, Olde English 800 the most buildable, and Nice Girls the creamiest with the fullest coverage. The packaging is very professional, right down to the labels.

If you are interested in trying any of the products out, the coupon code GLOOMANDDOOM is good for 20% off until Sept.1st in the Etsy shop! I’m looking forward to more great things from Gloom!


Manic Monday: Model City Polish Ghost Stories & UO Bon Bonz


Hello readers! I have another great indie for you today, Model City Polish! I used a glitter topper from Urban Outfitters called Bon Bonz. I love neon glitter over holos!

DSCN7166 DSCN7167 DSCN7169 DSCN7170 DSCN7171 DSCN7173 DSCN7174

Manic Monday- KB Shimmer Don’t Pink Twice

Here we are again! Only a few weeks left in summer so I thought I would bring you one of my new favorite summer neons, Don’t Pink Twice by KBShimmer! This neon dries to a matte finish, but you can gloss it up with topcoat if you so desire 

DSCN7272 DSCN7273 DSCN7274 DSCN7276


It’s difficult to see in the first pictures but I ATTEMPTED to do a matte/shiny french manicure by using topcoat on the tips. It was subtle IRL too…but just really didnt show up well in pictures. Also if you look closely at the bottle, especially in the first and last pictures, you will see there is an ever-so-slight blue shimmer


Whats your favorite neon? Whats your favorite KB Shimmer??. 

Subscription Box Sunday: New Review–Rainbow Honey Mini Subscription July 2014

I was first introduced to the Rainbow Honey brand, ironically, in my first Wantable makeup subscription box. Rainbow Honey is known particularly for glitter-packed polishes and scented topcoats. 

Rainbow Honey offers their subscription in both fullsized and mini. I currently subscribe to the mini–mostly for space-saving reasons! Each month comes with 2-3 polishes and several other beauty & nailcare goodies. If you want to test it out with out committing to a subscription you can also purchase prior months individually.




Each package comes with a fun insert describing all the products! July I received 3 mini polishes, perfume, cuticle balm, and aloe cooling gel. 



Also in the package was a coupon to celebrate the release of their summer collection!DSCN7282


L-R: Deep heart sea, Viridis, Chemical Plant. 

DSCN7283 DSCN7284 DSCN7285


L-R: Cuticle balm, perfume, and cooling gel.

Each month the scents are usually on a theme–July everything was midori scented–a summery fruity melon scent that makes me crave a midori sour. 

You can visit their website here to purchase your own! Fullsized is $25 and mini is $10. You can also currently purchase individual packages of July and August while supplies last. 


Happy shopping!!

Manic Monday: Summer French Leopard

Good evening readership! I was actually just discussing one of these polishes today so I decided this manicure would be today’s subject! I used a 4 polish combination of both indie and mainstream to create this dazzling (and freshly scented!) masterpiece!


brands are Model City Polish, Finger Lickin’ Lacquer, Sinful Colors, and Julep.DSCN7301

Bottle shots.


Color names! Toasted Marshmallow, Call Me Meg. Tidal Wave, & Michele. Call Me Meg by FLL is cucumber-melon scented! (but don’t worry, you can buy unscented versions if you are sensitive or allergic to fragrance! )

Finished Product with flash:

DSCN7303 DSCN7304 DSCN7305 DSCN7306 DSCN7307 DSCN7308

Without flash:

DSCN7309 DSCN7310 DSCN7311

I really love using leopard print in my manicures. It always looks fancy and complicate but is actually very simple to execute with a dotting tool. 

What are your faves from these brands? Any other cool leopard idea to try?

Friday Free For All: AFK Cosmetics’ Attack On Titan Collection!

My younger brother recently introduced me to the anime/manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin, for those in the know), and its brilliant. The characters are deep and challenging and the plot keeps you guessing. So when a fellow redditor Dena announced that her shop, AFK Cosmetics, would be releasing a loose eyeshadow collection base upon the series, I opened my wallet immediately! Dena has previously released a series based on the popular video game League of Legends–and those are beautiful too!


I should channel River Song here and mention….SPOILERS! (if you havent seen the anime or watched the manga)


The lids all have super cute images that correspond with the color names/inspirations, and Dena sent a really nice note too!


The underside displaying all the names. 


And free samples! Because I ordered the whole AoT set, she included 2 sample baggies and a fullsized from the LoL set!


Name Labels of the freebies 🙂



The name list from the order sheet. I kept the following swatches in the same order so I could remember, and for you too! They will be , Top to Bottom: Clean Freak, Female Titan, Potato Girl, 3D Maneuver Gear, 104th Trainees Squad, Armored Titan, Suicidal Bastard, A Goddess?!, Survey Corps, & Mikasa. 


Here they all are in a row! They are swatched over Laura Mercier eyeshadow base in Clean Linen. As you can see they are pretty pigmented without it! I applied with an elf crease brush, using a tiny amount of powder-It goes a long way!


Clean Freak, Female Titan, Potato Girl, 3D Maneuver Gear,


 104th Trainees Squad, Armored Titan, Suicidal Bastard, A Goddess?!, . 


A Goddess?!, Survey Corps, & Mikasa. 


These are my freebies — Surprise Party, Crystal Arrow, and Bronze V. 


All this week I used my AFK to create some functional looks. I do experiment a lot and wear some wild combinations to work, but I do find them to be pretty versatile, and easy to blend to boot!


Day 1 Products used.


Created using Clean Freak, Female Titan, Suicidal Bastard, & Mikasa. 


Excuse my tired face. And camera lines! Seriously something is wrong with it right now. 

DSCN7398 DSCN7399

It looks like I put it below my eyes, but I didnt! It isnt fallout either…its shadow and redness from rubbing the sleep away. 


I feel like this eye was dark and brooding…much like the characters can be prone to do. I would be too if I was afraid of being eaten every day!


See the blend? I love hardly being able to tell where one color stops and another starts. 

DSCN7402 DSCN7403



Day 2 Products.


Using  Potato Girl, 3D Maneuver Gear, Survey Corp.

DSCN7418 DSCN7419

Green shadows seem to bring out the red and gold in my own. 


I figured out that 3DMG, if applied really lightly, just adds a touch of sheer shimmer, so I patted it all over the whole thing!

DSCN7421 DSCN7424 DSCN7456

Day 3 Products.


 104th Trainees Squad, Armored Titan, A Goddess?!.


I swear I’m not drunk. This is my Thursday morning face. 

DSCN7460 DSCN7461 DSCN7462 DSCN7463

These are a little bit too yellowy for my current semi-tan state but will work better for me at the end of the summer. 

DSCN7464 DSCN7465 DSCN7466

Sidebar: This lippy is new and its wonderful! They are pencils by Loreal. 


Day 3 Products. 


I used my new LoL colors–Crystal Arrow, Bronze V, and Surprise Party. 

DSCN7471 DSCN7472 DSCN7473 DSCN7474 DSCN7475 DSCN7476 


And there you have it! You should also totally follow them on Facebook for more pictures, updates, and news from Dena! 


In other news, posting might be even slimmer next week as I will be ON VACATION!!!! CHINCOTEAGUE!!!

Tutorial Tuesdays: Floral wedding nails!

Welcome to tutorials on Tuesdays! I didnt make up this tutorial…it was one of the gems I found on Reddit (original post by u/Thradien)and when I decided to wear this dress to my friend’s wedding in April, I knew it would be perfect!

The tutorial image:


Looks complicated, words seem easy. Let’s see how this pans out.

Here is the bottom of the dress I wore! (from New York & Company). The top didnt have anything different or any more flowers or anything so it was easier to just take this picture to show the details. 


So there was the added complication of the crosshatching pattern background–accomplished using striping tape,


Finished product! Pre cleanup. I was too excited to wait! I was so pleas how these turned out and it was a lot easier than I expected!

With flash:












Everyone thought they were decals, despite some of them being on the rather nubby side lengthwise. I used a small nail art brush pretty much as pictured in the tutorial. 


If you try it too, let me know! 

Mani-c Mondays: Carpe Noctem really is a big deal…

Eventually I will admi I have a problem and just change these posts to Indie Polish Mondays…or even Carpe Noctem Mondays. If you haven’t noticed I have been using a lot more indies lately. They are better and the people are nicer 🙂 Plus, as displayed by the color featured below, you can use expletives in the names ! Here is ‘I’m a Big Fucking Deal’.

This was originally a custom color but became one of CNC’s most popular shades*. (*welcome to the confessionals where facts are made up and statistics don’t matter!). It is a beautiful holographic magenta pink shade. Below is two coats. The pictures with a darker background are with flash to show off the SHINY !!

DSCN5013 DSCN5014 DSCN5015 DSCN5016 DSCN5017 DSCN5018 DSCN5019


I mean SERIOUSLY how many of you clicked that link above and IMMEDIATELY bought this polish??


*also did you check out my sweet new watermarking?kthxbai.


Subscription Box Sunday– Bride Box!

Don’t get excited, I’m not getting married. But my best friend is and I’ll be the maid of honor!! So in the course of my duties I obtained a Bride Box for Pam, and in exchange she sent me all these lovely pictures and her thoughts so that I could share them with you!

P1050018 P1050020


These are the pictures of the box. Pam said: “Got my BrideBox!!!  So fun…  There was some really cool stuff in there – and everything that there was a sample of also came with a discount, which was awesome!”  As a subscription addict myself, I always appreciate additional discounts.





P1050019  P1050021

“On top of the box were two neat little cards from with advice for brides on choosing their maids as well as a bridesmaids “do’s and don’ts” list. Cute!  I will definately be checking out the website to get tips on how to pull of a “stress-free” wedding – because THAT’S possible.  haha! Under those cards was the lovely tissue paper packing, complete with adorable sticker.” As a bridesmaid I will definitely be keeping an eye on this bridesmaid list as well!


“Opened that up and the first thing I saw were the foam “Bride” and “Groom” can cozies.  Adorbs.” I have to agree. I seriously hope I see Pam and her fiancee making use of these over the summer 🙂


“Then a little bag with his and hers blue-gem “I Do” and “Me Too” shoe stickers. (I’m thinking this might be even CUTER on some wine glasses – just sayin’.) ” I think these would be cute on shoes OR wine glasses. I’m only curious about their longevity in shoe-wearing or dish-washing.

P1050026 P1050028 P1050029 P1050030

“Next was an ADORABLE iron-on transfer sample that says (of course) “bride”.  I will SO be putting that on a tank top.  Next was a little postcard with pictures of some very pretty personalized robes and things, which also provided a discount for personalized gifts. ”  I cant wait to see my bff in her Bride tank top!


Now there was an additional item in the bag that I seem to have lost the pictures–but here is what Pam had to say:

“And they saved the BEST for last. On the bottom was a GORGEOUS full 8 1/2 x 11 burlap “happily ever after” print that is personalized for our wedding!!  We both LOVE it. We already decided what color matting we’re getting for the frame…and where we’re hanging it.  AWESOME.  Not only that, but the bridebox page even gave specifics on what  size frame and matting works best for this print – how helpful is that?!?!  LOVE IT.”

Unfortunately I also made a typo submitting their information and the year was incorrect on the print 😦 We discovered that later.


Subscriptions are $35 for a month or $300 for a full year. You have the ability to enter all information regarding your wedding–names, anniversaries, monogram, date, wedding colors, # of maids and groomsmen, and even shirt sizes! You can also gift a subscription and have it sent to your favorite bride-to-be. Subscription boxes are an increasingly popular gift–I just gifted my sister with a subscription to a different box for a graduation gift.


Any other brides to be? Thoughts?

Mani-c Mondays: Nude & Neon featuring Carpe Noctem, OPI, & Urban Outfitters

Two in a row, I’m on a roll. Today’s manicure is a fun summer update on a french tip featuring one of my favorite new neutrals and a couple of fun neons perfect for a heat wave! I am talking of course about Carpe Noctem Cosmetic’s Taupey Tips, a perfect neutral with a slight holo shimmer. The tips were created with OPI’s Where Did Suzi’s Man-go? and Urban Outfitter’s Wavvvy. That’s not a typo, the label really does have 3 v’s on it.

DSCN6924 DSCN6925 DSCN6928


I used two layers of each polish. The pictures above are after 4-5 days and only the thumbnail is really showing wear, and surprisingly its the OPI that is chipping! It really goes to show you that indie can sometimes be not only safer, but higher quality and longer lasting than popular mainstream brands. I am always impressed with Carpe Noctem’s lasting power, and this is my first time using a polish from UO.


Show me your favorite nude and neon’s!