Free For All Friday! Christmas in Bethlehem

For our first ever free for all, I wanted to share something besides my hands and face and addiction. I went to college in a beautiful town in Bethlehem PA–lovingly referred to as the Christmas City (for obvious reasons). There is a giant Christmas star on top of the hill which is visible for miles, horsedrawn carriage rides, and the oldest bookstore in the world still running. There are luminaries and a live nativity. Christkindlmarkt, a traditional open-air market full of artisan crafts and gifts.

For myself, and I dare to presume many alumni and townsfolk, the most meaningful tradition is Vespers. A beautiful worship service created nearly entirely through the performance of classic and modern music, ending in candlelit carols. Even people with different beliefs find the service meaningful and moving. In college, since I studied music, I was able to participate in this event, which occurs the first two weekends every December–Friday Saturday Sunday. As an alumni, I have the option to come back and serve candles. The magic of flooding the darkened sanctuary with light puts a smile on my face just thinking about it, so naturally I cannot resist the opportunity.

This year, I took my best friend with me to assist. We went up early and spent the day eating and shopping, and walking around historic Bethlehem. Best part? We had a huge snowstorm that day! What an adventure! The campus is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the old stomping ground 🙂


Coming up the street after dropping some shopping bags off at the car!


The domed structure is the bell tower of the church. After the service (weather permitting) the college brass ensemble assembles there and blasts carols over the streets.


I spent so much time behind those stained glass windows.


Bethlehem is beautiful in the snow 🙂


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