Back to Blogging and New Daily Themes!

A day home with the nastiest sinus infection on record is a perfect day to start forcing myself back into the Confessionals. The holidays were overwhelming for me, and I have only posted once in the last nearly two months! I have decided to organize things a little differently this year. I can’t promise a daily post–but I can promise that you will know what the post will be based on the day it comes out!

I am introducing daily themes for my posts. I have SO many pictures and things to show you that often I have sat down to write, only to take an hour DECIDING what to write about! Now, I know that if I sit down on a Monday, I have only to pick from my nail pictures. If its Wednesday, you will be seeing a palette review. Posts from today forward will be categorized as follows”

Mani-c Mondays: Everything nail art! Hand creams, cuticle oils, polish reviews, and (of course) manicures.

Tutorials on Tuesdays:  Exploring online tutorials, step by step guides from products, and my attempts to follow or create them!

Palette War Wednesdays: A continuation of the palette review series I began last year, testing the versatility and quality of different palettes and products.

Therapy Thursday: Shopping confessions, off topic venting, and hopefully thought and comment provoking discussions.

Free For All Fridays: Mish mosh of whatever leftover topics I have. These could be repeats of other days or fall under a category I haven’t yet imagined.

Sampling Saturdays: Product reviews of the myriad of samples in my collection.

Subscription Box Sunday: Pictures and reviews of monthly subscription services, beauty and otherwise.

SO as long as I can keep up with it, this is what you have to look forward to! Now, I’m going to continue blowing my nose and watching SVU reruns 🙂


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