Therapy Thursday–stream of consciousness

well its appropriate that today is therapy thursday. im just going to type and spellcheck, not take anything out or worry about content. ive had a shitty day and i dont have time to worry about image or anything.

i’ve had this on again off again sometimes fwb sometimes dating sometimes not even speaking relationship for the past four years. normally i talk to him every day but i hadnt heard from him since sunday so i texted him to see if he was okay. out of left field he tells me he doesnt ever want kids, might not ever want a house, we want different things and are too different and we should move on.

what. in the actual. fuck.

but it gets better. at that point in the conversation i am so flabbergasted that all i can think of to say is ‘well that sucks’.

but wait. theres MORE.

kid decides to try and prolong this shit.

“can we take a month apart and try talking again, your [sic] the closest person i have. i want you in my life but not the same way you want.”

why in the SEVEN HELLS would i keep talking to you with that sort of mixed message shit going on? what the fuck is that? im the most important person to you but you don’t want to be with me? MAKES SENSE. two weeks ago we were having a COUPLES MASSAGE and all of a sudden we are too different? because of some hypothetical children that dont even exist yet? you are the one that calls me whenever you are in the car and wants to hang out all the time and text me pictures of your fancy food when you are out with your work friends and pay for my FFXIV subscription so that i will play with you.

this is some fucked up shit. and unfortunately im the kind of person that will curl up in a ball and cry and overanalyze every single thing i could have done differently to make him love me–rather than just accept that hes an asshole that wont ever commit to anyone, which he even says himself.

maybe i will use this as an opportunity to develop tutorials on getting rid of or hiding puffy red eyes. stay gorgeous.


Mani-c Monday: Carpe Noctem The 90’s

Hullo readers! Today I am going to show you one of my FAVE glitter toppers! This is Carpe Noctem’s The 90s, one of many of my Carpe Noctem polishes. It is probably my favorite indie brand so far–not that I have that many YET but I am slowly but surely starting to venture out. However, Carpe Noctem was one of my first and will thus always hold a special place in my heart. That, and the fact that these polishes have super smooth application and last forever and are available in multiple sizes.

The 90s is a matte neon glitter–with big neon hexes. You don’t have to go fishing for the hexes either. I wore it in the following pictures over Color Club-Harp On It. I was so excited about how this manicure turned out that I didn’t wait for daylight OR for cleaning up the lines. This should not be news to you where I am concerned 😛


Those last couple pictures with flash really show off the holographic quality of the Color Club. This manicure is everything I love–glitter, neon colors, bright sparkly goodness!

Mani-c Mondays: Color Club Glitter Gradient

The great thing about the KISS glitter gradient kit I received from Influenster is that it effectively taught me how to create a glitter gradient using existing colors in my collection! Here is a silver-to-blue gradient I created using 3 shades from Color Club.


The glitter I chose was Savoy Nights, which is silver suspended in translucent blue. SO I did a silver base, and did a foil blue tip, and then silver on half nail. ta-da! easy peasy!

What are your favorite polishes for gradients?

Free For All Friday! Christmas in Bethlehem

For our first ever free for all, I wanted to share something besides my hands and face and addiction. I went to college in a beautiful town in Bethlehem PA–lovingly referred to as the Christmas City (for obvious reasons). There is a giant Christmas star on top of the hill which is visible for miles, horsedrawn carriage rides, and the oldest bookstore in the world still running. There are luminaries and a live nativity. Christkindlmarkt, a traditional open-air market full of artisan crafts and gifts.

For myself, and I dare to presume many alumni and townsfolk, the most meaningful tradition is Vespers. A beautiful worship service created nearly entirely through the performance of classic and modern music, ending in candlelit carols. Even people with different beliefs find the service meaningful and moving. In college, since I studied music, I was able to participate in this event, which occurs the first two weekends every December–Friday Saturday Sunday. As an alumni, I have the option to come back and serve candles. The magic of flooding the darkened sanctuary with light puts a smile on my face just thinking about it, so naturally I cannot resist the opportunity.

This year, I took my best friend with me to assist. We went up early and spent the day eating and shopping, and walking around historic Bethlehem. Best part? We had a huge snowstorm that day! What an adventure! The campus is so beautiful that I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the old stomping ground 🙂


Coming up the street after dropping some shopping bags off at the car!


The domed structure is the bell tower of the church. After the service (weather permitting) the college brass ensemble assembles there and blasts carols over the streets.


I spent so much time behind those stained glass windows.


Bethlehem is beautiful in the snow 🙂

Subscription Box Sunday: Wantable Intimates

A few months ago, the very popular Wantable added an “Intimates” box to the arsenal of makeup and accessories. I was very pleased with my results in the makeup boxes, so I decided to give the Intimates a try. Like the other boxes, you fill out a very detailed survey regarding preferences and sizes, and you receive a mix of socks, underpants, tights, camisoles, bras, and anything else that could fall into the category of unmentionables. This was my first box and I have stayed subscribed because I was very pleased!


As the other boxes, Intimates comes with a description of all included items, as well as your selected preferences on top.


First glimpse! I already see adorable socks

DSCN3315 DSCN3316 DSCN3317

Argyle socks, muk luk tights, and one of the softest t-shirts I have ever worn!

DSCN3318 DSCN3319

Steve Madden PJ shorts. I think I might adjust my size settings to “Large” for shorts, because while the tights fit fine these were a bit snug.

DSCN3320 DSCN3321

Argyle socks! This is a great color combination and they fit great, as you can see 🙂


Here you can see the shirt and shorts on. Again, the shirt fits wonderfully but the shorts are snug.


Tights! These are great in the winter. They do get a bit itchy after an extended period of time but they make it through a work day which is all that matters.


Anybody else try it? If you want to test the waters, you can buy a single box for $40, or a subscription for $36–which is easy to cancel or suspend at a moment’s notice. Happy shopping!


Sampling Saturday: GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment

Welcome to Sampling Saturday! Today’s sample is The GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment. I love my Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask, but I am never one to turn down a sample and this one has 4.3/5 stars on


Here I am with it smeared all over my face, just after application. It is similar in color to the Boots mask; however this one has strange chunks in it that are beyond my explanation. Image

After the mask begins to dry, you can see the dark spots where it has “identified” oil buildup and clogged pores. This is also the same as the Boots mask.


For your disgusting viewing pleasure, a closeup of my apparently filthy nose. ImageImage

These last two are after removal. I should have thought about doing a before picture, but my pores are much less noticeable and my skin is smooth to the touch.

Final Thoughts: While this mask was wonderful and did everything it promised, Its price tag of $69 for 1.2 oz is definitely a turnoff. At $9.39 for 3.3 oz and just about identical results, I think I will stick with my Boots mask and feel less guilty about using it.

Do you use either of these masks? Does my experience match up with yours! Let me know!

Back to Blogging and New Daily Themes!

A day home with the nastiest sinus infection on record is a perfect day to start forcing myself back into the Confessionals. The holidays were overwhelming for me, and I have only posted once in the last nearly two months! I have decided to organize things a little differently this year. I can’t promise a daily post–but I can promise that you will know what the post will be based on the day it comes out!

I am introducing daily themes for my posts. I have SO many pictures and things to show you that often I have sat down to write, only to take an hour DECIDING what to write about! Now, I know that if I sit down on a Monday, I have only to pick from my nail pictures. If its Wednesday, you will be seeing a palette review. Posts from today forward will be categorized as follows”

Mani-c Mondays: Everything nail art! Hand creams, cuticle oils, polish reviews, and (of course) manicures.

Tutorials on Tuesdays:  Exploring online tutorials, step by step guides from products, and my attempts to follow or create them!

Palette War Wednesdays: A continuation of the palette review series I began last year, testing the versatility and quality of different palettes and products.

Therapy Thursday: Shopping confessions, off topic venting, and hopefully thought and comment provoking discussions.

Free For All Fridays: Mish mosh of whatever leftover topics I have. These could be repeats of other days or fall under a category I haven’t yet imagined.

Sampling Saturdays: Product reviews of the myriad of samples in my collection.

Subscription Box Sunday: Pictures and reviews of monthly subscription services, beauty and otherwise.

SO as long as I can keep up with it, this is what you have to look forward to! Now, I’m going to continue blowing my nose and watching SVU reruns 🙂