let’s talk about in store makeovers

Greetings all! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. You are shopping around at Ulta or Sephora most likely, and inevitably some salesperson or another wrangles you into trying their products right there in the store. You have to remove any makeup you are already wearing (sometimes copious amount) and cross your fingers and pray to whatever gods are yours that they know what they are doing.

I have gotten a little brave with this. I had a really good experience a few months ago in Ulta with the Napoleon Perdis salesperson (do a quick search on my NP posts and you will find the makeover and all the NP love I’ve found since!) so I don’t tend to turn these down.

My first mistake was letting someone approach me in The Body Shop. Yes their lipliner is silky smooth and their BB cream is divine, but let’s face it: what they really know is bathtime. Shower gels, skincare, lotions, scrubs, soaks. No one’s first thought is “mascara!” Secondly, the person was nowhere near my age, nor did we have anything in common skinwise.

I could go on but I will let pictures speak for themselves.


My eyeshadow got extended at least half an inch past the end of my eyebrows. It’s hard to tell that, though, because she didnt fill them and my ends are a little thin. Also, she put mascara on TOP of my lashes? that was a wierd sensation, to say the least.


I feel as if I look tired and dirty.


same problem as the other eye. I’m pretty sure the mascara on top application made my lashes straighter >.< also…blush. look at it all.


seriously look at my lashes. If you are at all familiar with my blog and thereby my face, you know i have long, thick lashes and she somehow succeeded in making them look stringy and sparse.


OK I DO like this color. SHe mixed 2 lipsticks to get this great fall orange/brown shade. but she didnt line, and she didnt prep them with balm or anything first.


These are the colors she used–The Body Shop numbers colors instead of naming them. I bought them because I liked how the color looked.


Do you have any horror stories about in store makeovers? Best and worst experiences? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “let’s talk about in store makeovers

  1. Great post! I’ve had a similar experience in the past where a Chanel “makeup artist” made me look 10 years older than my age and colors that didn’t even work with my tones and/or undertones! I feel your pain and trusting these people for makeup application isn’t an option for me anymore :/

    • exactly! thank goodness I wasn’t trying to get it done for a special occasion or something…yikes. and you would like CHANEL of all companies would hire knowledgeable people!

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