Double Influenster: Rimmel Stay Matte and Rose Voxboxes

You may remember that I am a member of Influenster–a free, social media & marketing crossover platform which allows users to post reviews and fill out surveys, which qualifies them to occasionally receive free products for review. In the beginning of the summer I gave you reviews of some new Mary Kay products. This time around, I qualified for TWO different Voxboxes! Even though these items were complimentary, for testing purposes, I promise you my honest opinion!

1: Rimmel Stay Matte Voxbox

This was a one-item box. While Rimmel’s Stay Matte line is available, this item is new. It is a mousse-consistency foundation. The prequalifying quiz included several questions to help determine which color they would send you. Let’s see how it did:


Here is the box. Shine has met its match? Love it! As you may remember I have combo skin and get a shiny tzone.


So far so good! True beige sounds like me…my Boots foundation is Cool Beige. 🙂


Here is a closeup. What I love about Influenster is that they send you full sized products so you can test them. I don’t know how companies think we will get a handle on a product when they give you a foil packet that only has enough product to cover your nose.


Here is a little squeeze. The formula is light and fluffy, as you would expect from something described as “mousse”Image

I blended that smudge into the back of my hand. It seems to match pretty well but my face is lighter than my hands.


Inside my wrists shows its a little darker. My face is darker than my inside wrists though…so at this point I was unsure how it would go on my face.


As far as these claims go, I think the description is accurate. The formula is lightweight and smooth, and I did stay matte all day. I must disclose that I used a beauty blender and not my fingers though!


Here it is, on! The color was ALMOST just right on my face. it was eversoslightly too dark, which considering it was an online survey is pretty good. With a little mineral veil over top it was hardly noticeable. In the summer this will be perfect. I don’t think it minimized my pores as much as it implied, but that is not my primary concern with foundation so that doesn’t count against it. For me at least. Overall I think this is a good product, on line with Boots matte foundation. Like the card says, this product is not available yet! I would keep an eye out in Spring 2014 probably if i HAD to hazard a guess.

2: Rose VoxBox

The second box was the Rose VoxBox, one of 2 available fall beauty boxes this year. The surveys had questions about all sorts of wierd things, so I was unsure what to expect!


The boxes arrived on the same day!


Way to go on packaging, Influenster…. I guess they figure they don’t need to since the items are free?


They dare me to find a thorn? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


Here is an outline of everything I received. I was lucky enough to be one of the few who did receive the Vitabath lotion in addition to the other items!


I made everything nice so you could see it all!


I was very excited when I saw these. The package brangs that you can use it in any kind of shoe! well..that’s not exactly true. I tried it in a pair of flats, after trimming down to my 8.5 size. The inserts made the shoes tight across my foot and actually cut into them. NO DICE. Then I thought I would try them in a pair of wedge booties. Again, they were too thick and raised my foot higher than it should sit in a shoe! However, like Goldilocks the third time was the charm when I put them in my unlined rainboots. An extra layer of soft, warm support was instantaneous. I must add that it was SUPER easy to take them in and out, and the fluffiness is appreciated 🙂


Rimmel Scandaleyes. You know how I feel about mascaras that aren’t Clump Crusher. More on this mascara below.


Nail polish!!!!!! I have always been curious about these sets and have trouble recreating them on my own, so I was thrilled to see it! More further down on this as well:)


Vitabath lotion in Beach Blossom. I don’t think the fragrance name is accurate. Nothing about it was beachy, or even particularly floral! However the lotion is moisturizing, the fragrance is light and fresh, and the bottle is big! This was a win and I was glad to have gotten it.


Lindor Truffles! But seriously, Influenster? This cute little packet had ONE TRUFFLE. I need at least 10 to know if I like it 🙂 Seriously though, I could have used 1-2 more. But Lindt is a brand I associate with quality sweet treats and this did not disappoint me.


These were good! I have tried the honey oat flavor before but blueberry hasnt been available. They went well with my morning tea.

Here is a look deeper into some of the products!Image

This is my first attempt with the Kiss Gradation nail set. While it isn’t exactly like the box, I think I did a decent job and the effect is cool. The glitter doesnt hurt 🙂


Here is a closeup of the mascara wand. Out of all the samples and mascara I have used, I haven’t had a wand like this before. I was surrpised at how it made my already long lashes look like falsies!Image

Check out those lashes! You can also see them in the picture I posted above of the foundation. But look at that–in some places my lashes are touching my eyebrows! My badly in need of waxing eyebrows. This doesnt supplant my CC (SHOCKER!) but it has wormed its way into my regular rotation!

Did my reviews entice you into any of these products? Are any of you Influensters? Tell me what you think!


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