we’re still okay with Halloween makeup, right?

We aren’t even a week into November, so I figure it is still timely to show you my super cute, super EASY halloween makeup from last week. I went out to a bar with some friends the Saturday before and I didn’t want to be wearing something awkward like last year (wings) or that I was constantly pulling up or adjusting (corset). This was made straight from things I already had in my wardrobe–no purchase necessary!


Meet the adorable scarecrow!


Stitching and undereye lashes all done with elf black cream eyeliner. eyeshadow and nose patch is milani from the rainbow mosaic. blush is Nyx cream blush in orange. Lips are revlon just bitten in Rendezvous.


This was the first time I curled my hair since it has been this long–its a LOT of hair and you can tell i missed chunks.


Paired with a plaid shirt/cami, jeans, and little tan booties. Comfortable, casual, cute.


In the last picture, you can also get a glimpse of just how long my hair is getting…wow. its CURLED and its out to the girls. which means it goes even farther when its straight.


What are your favorite last minute costumes? Show me show me show me!!


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