Palette Wars: Urban Decay Ammo Palette (original)

Welcome back! I am on a virtual roll this week, posting every day! I even managed to remember my giveaway was ending (congratulations Natalie!) and replace my old, tearing paper blinds with real grown-up person curtains (even if the rods are spring loaded instead of mounted). When my life goes to pot, work goes really well, so the fact that my home life is fine should tell you a little about the source of my stress the past week or so. ugh. But I didn’t make this post to vent about my life or have a therapy session about arrogant jerks who can dish it but can’t take it.

You are due for another palette review! I picked up the Ammo palette on sale before UD released the new updated version. I ended up not being able to use it for a whole week–not enough variety for a work week. I need spice in my life–just ask my wardrobe about all the articles of clothing I own with union jacks.


Here’s a reminder of the palette. I have swatched it before and there are swatches all over so I didnt waste time and eyeshadow swatching again. sorry, ladies.


Day one went for a more neutral look. I look really tired here (more tired than normal) but honestly i did this so long ago i can’t even remember why.


I played a bit with the pinks & purples here.


I am looking much more awake here. This was my birthday! You know, 7…weeks…ago. haha. So this was a Sunday, which explains my bright eyes (and bushy tail?) and also why i was able to use brighter colors.


back to work appropriate makeup and tired eyes! thank goodness for glasses. I used the black in the outer corners here and i really like how it turned out.


Final round with earth tone shades from the palette.


By the by, did you notice how this post might as well have been called “Evolution of Kerianne’s Eyebrows”? Yikes!

I would be interested to see how the new formula of UD Ammo compares to this version. Anybody have insight? Which version do you have?


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