New box for readers! Beauty Box 5–October

I mentioned a little while ago that my OCD internet shopping kicked in and I signed up for 3 new beauty subs. OOPS #sorrynotsorry.

I don’t feel bad because just ended. Nevermind the fact that Goodies was a snack box and only $7….SHUT UP.

Beauty Box 5 was one that I saw got pretty good reviews, so I decided to add it to our review repertoire. Here’s what I got:


You know me and my love for good packaging. This logo is just ADORABLE.


Take it easy? Don’t have to tell me twice! Now if only they had sent me one of those cute polka dot mugs and some fingerless gloves….


Breakdown of the included items for October.


The Nubar polish is SMACK full of glitter 🙂 and I always stretch out my toe separators with my big fat toes so these are nice. I’ve gotten La Fresh in other bags and loved them as well, and Aveeno is a well known, reputable brand for sensitive skin–I am drowning in lotion right now so I haven’t tried THIS one yet.


Let’s not forget the lipstick. I have seen Model Co popping up in boxes for MONTHS but somehow never seem to get it! I was excited to finally get some–and check out the built in mirror on the tube!


The shade is sunset and its an ever-so-slightly orange neutral.


Here it is on! I think it’s more of a summer color for me, but the formula is creamy and smooth.

So there’s something a little new for ya. At $12/month, it is only slightly more expensive than Ipsy and Birchbox. That being said, this box appears to be somewhat in infancy, with no referral program or rewards system YET in place. For more information, visit their website.

Do you subscribe? Tell me about your experiences!


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