BIrchbox Two-fer…Heritage & Beauty Buzz

So apparently I am so far behind I owe you not one but TWO Birchbox reviews. Whoopsie-doodle. Lets get right down to it.


September’s theme was…Heritage!


A glimpse at the info card.


I’m not sure if this coupon code still works but you are welcome to try it on!


Item description card.


The box, as it arrived.


Everything unwrapped!


A closeup of the coastal scents palette. These are all earth-toned shades and appear to be great for fall.


Swatches of the shadows. They have good pigmentation and apply smoothly. There is a bit of powder fallout.


October was the month of Beauty Buzz!


Here are the items I received.



Here is the info card. While the items were nice, it is a little upsetting that the cleanser and accompanying cloth are considered 2 separate items, and the 5th item is Chapstick.


The offending item. It also isn’t that awesome of a Chapstick. It purports to smooth out lips, moisturize, and lock in moisture for 8 hours. However for me at least it does so by creating a gross film across my entire lip, like a wetsuit.

In the above picture you can also see the Ruffian nail lacquer in Hedge Fund, from the Heritage box in September. I do really enjoy this color and it was a good addition to my ever-growing collection.

DSCN2809 DSCN2810


The dermablend finishing powder is nice. It’s slightly darker than my normal powder, bareMinerals mineral veil. I will use it but I don’t think I will switch brands.



theBalm Stainiac. I half expected a liquid like benetint, but this is really more of a gel. It gives a nice color but I will have to get used to the consistency of the product.



All in all, the last few months I have felt rather underwhelmed with Birchbox. What have you ladies thought?


If you havent signed up for monthly Birchbox yet, go here and take the preferences quiz! Fun fact, you can take the quiz and sign up for an account but aren’t obligated to subscribe until you are ready 🙂



3 thoughts on “BIrchbox Two-fer…Heritage & Beauty Buzz

  1. I was disappointed with the chapstick too! And I do feel that considering the cloth as an item is ridiculous! I loved the previous month’s box way better! I wish I would have gotten the cute little coastal scents shadows 🙂

    • The little eyeshadows were cute, but I used them for a few days after this and they actually fallout pretty bad and are pretty dark. I’ve found you have to use them with lighter shades from other brands to tone them down. the little set is called day-to-night but nothing about these four colors is really “day” to me.

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