I didn’t forget about you! and October Julep Maven

Hello readers! I am INCREDIBLY sorry for not posting in so long! As I’m sure you know, sometimes… life happens. You get lazy. You ignore things that need doing. As a result, I have probably 25-30 posts I COULD do right now. What I will do (since we are in the November selection window) is take a look at this last month’s Julep Maven box.


As you can see, I opted for a few extras. I added on the mask out of sheer curiousity, the glow in the dark Casper, and the golden ochre shade. They also mysteriously put in a matte topcoat that I wasn’t charged for. SCORE!

Sep 13 Julep1

Left to Right: Cleopatra, Valerie, Dahlia, and Casper. Shown on nails in 2 coats. Casper is a nice shimmer that actually will look decent as a top coat, not wash it out like other glow polishes might.


The kajal eyeliner is double ended–brown and black. the application is smooth and if I wasn’t so in love with gel liner (or needed something quick, or a makeup emergency) I can definitely see myself using this.

Sep 13 Julep-001

Sep 13 Julep2

quick mani using Dahlia and Valerie. This really doesnt do the shimmer of Valerie justice. I also didn’t wait to take pictures, so you can see I don’t color inside the lines very well 🙂


Everyone’s favorite kind of picture–Kerianne as SWAMP THING. Feels like tar? SURE, lets rub that all over my face!


I feel like I’m going to be in an old timey minstrel show. I took this shot so you could see the CHUNKS. thats right, there are wierd hunks of nonsense in this goop. I’m not entirely certain what function they hold, since this isnt an exfoliant and you have about 5 seconds to spread it before it dries.


Here I am, after the allotted waiting period, demonstrating how dry it is. I am pressing my fingers onto my face and then rolling them back and they remain clean. I am shiny and I feel like an action figure…or Joan Rivers.


Yes, it really does peel off in big chunks! Obviously it can tear but I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could get it off in one piece like an orange peel.


YUM. I don’t even know what this looks like. If you look closely you can see the surface kind of looks like ostrich skin, but it really looked like it got more hair than crud out of my pores. I will try it again for good measure. It’s certainly DIFFERENT.


Did you get any of these colors? What box are you taking in November?


Not a Maven? Sign up here, take the style quiz, and use code FREEBOX to pay just 3.99 shipping your first month!


I really am sorry for the neglect guys. I am totally going to maybe do better!


And don’t forget, check out my previous post to enter my hair dryer giveaway!



3 thoughts on “I didn’t forget about you! and October Julep Maven

  1. Great box this month- good choices and awesome review! I got my first box this month, and it was free 🙂 I got the “It Girl” starter box which included Ciara, Josephine, and Candace. I aso added the Freedom Polymer Top Coat the the Beautiful Hands travel duo. From this first box Im thinking I’ll stick around for another few months! I love the little extras and the choice to add on discounted items!

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