Misikko Beauty HanaAIR Dryer Review & Giveaway!!

I teased this a few weeks back and then pranked you all by giving away an ebook. The day is finally arrived!

I was presented with the opportunity by Misikko Beauty to review one of their hair tools–either a dryer or a flatiron. I have a CHI ceramic flat iron I am happy with, so I opted to try the HanaAir Professional hair dryer.

Here’s a look at the package I received:


Seriously, look at all those goodies! The packaging was well done and a nice touch.



‘Tis the season! I go through nail files like water and the hand sanitizer will be useful while I am out volunteering.


Beautiful purple bath roses!


This is a heat safe case for my flatiron!


But wait, there’s more!


Like this cute little guy! He is SO. SUPER. SOFT.

DSCN2350 DSCN2351

A brand new brush, and eyelash curler.


Here it is! This is the hair dryer. Besides it being shiny and new, it is much more up to date than the dryer I was using previously.

Down to brass tacks:

There are 3 buttons on the handle. One turns it on low, on high, or Off. The 2nd button is 3 heat settings. The top button toggles Cool Air–This was the BEST feature for me because my previous dryer required you to HOLD IN THE BUTTON. you know, because your hands aren’t busy doing other stuff.

This dryer is powerful! It dries my hair really quickly and evenly–with hair as thick and long as mine, that’s really saying something. I should also point out my hair is not color treated and hadn’t been cut since LAST September.  I also was able to get two perspectives–I did my hair with the dryer both before and after my recent haircut.

DSCN2400 DSCN2442

This is my hair, pre-haircut, with nothing but the HanaAIR and my hands. My hair is shiny, completely dry, and looks healthy. The first time (left) it actually did over-dry it a bit; the 2nd time I made sure to use a heat-protection product, which I normally do, and this alleviated any excessive dryness in my hair.


I apologize for the lesser quality of this picture–this was actually taken with my cell phone the day of my haircut. My hair gets cut in my kitchen by my neighbor (a professional, I swear!) but his dryer broke and I ended up having to dry my own.  You can see I didn’t take off much in the way of length, however; I was still incredibly satisfied with the use of the new dryer.

I also tested out the eyelash curler; this was less than stellar and I will not be switching. My one hiccup with the dryer itself was that the nozzle attachment was difficult to put on. Once it was on it worked like a dream 🙂

I know what you are thinking. But Keri, how can I get one of these amazing hair dryers?! Well, if you are impatient and refuse to wait, you can find them on their website under Best Professional Hair Dryer.   Misikko also posts giveaways and beauty advice on their Facebook page. 

You can also go to a Rafflecopter giveaway !!

Earn entries by following, liking, and commenting! Also, huge shout out to Nicole, who really made this giveaway possible when I was accidentally sent two products and for providing me all the links I needed to send you all the right places 🙂

While Misikko provided me these products to review and giveaway, all pictures and opinions expressed are my own, and I will be paying for prize shipping out of pocket.


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