September: My first Starlooks Starbox & Birthday Starbox

I can’t recall if I mentioned before, but I just added several new boxes to my subscriptions for your reading pleasure! One of them is the Starbox by Starlooks. I first heard of Starlooks when I received a lip liner in one of my Ipsy bags–I remember that on the forums people thought it odd that they would share items with a subscription service when they have their own. Here is a look at my first box.


I was a bit surprised that it came in a mailer and not a sturdy box like the majority of my subscriptions (ipsy excluded). However, it is 1 of only 2 that marks them as fragile (Bondi also does so)


If you couldnt tell by now, I’m a sucker for cute packaging.


Glitter wax seal. I am finding the materials for this and sealing all my future letters this way.


Free month of Ooberluxe was included. The FAQs are confusing and I will probably never use this.


Info card. because this is how real women apply their makeup 😛


Item descriptions of everything included.


all the items in their packaging!


Falsies! I am just starting to experiment with falsies so I am looking forward to trying these!


I wonder if they made this lip gloss an innuendo on purpose…


The bottle for the lipgloss is cool! It’s like it is faceted but when they were setting the glass they twisted it. that makes sense, right?


Gloss swatch. It’s sparkly and I know this will be going over other lip colors to add some shine!


The eye liner/cream pot–Milky Way.


It looks pretty much like my other gel liner pots.


The package states you can use it as liner, eyeshadow, or a base for either of those two things so I swatched it in a line and blended out. It’s very shimmery and I can definitely see myself getting use out of this.

I was happy with the items I got and I can’t wait to use them!

The day after this arrived, I got another shipping notification from Starlooks. I didnt get charged twice and I was really confused. I had no idea that they would be sending a whole separate box for my birthday in September!


i LOVED everything they sent for my birthday! SO GREAT. What have your experiences been with Starlooks?


2 thoughts on “September: My first Starlooks Starbox & Birthday Starbox

  1. how did you like their pot liner? I have a 50% off code and I am thinking about using it on one. I would get black but I want to confirm the wear and whatnot is good.. I can’t find a specific review!

    • Well I don’t have a whole lot to compare it to but I like it! Most of my pot liners are elf brand, which are decent especially for a learner. the Starlooks is nice and creamy. I actually just got my next Starbox today and there’s a silver pencil liner in it thats AMAZE as well.

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