September Splendies & New Collaboration!

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that Splendies is one of my non-cosmetic monthly boxes. Splendies, for $12 a month, sends you 3 pairs of underwear–and if any of you ladies lean towards the curvaceous, they also offer Volupties in plus-sizes which is slightly more expensive.

After my first month, I submitted some generic website feedback via the form on the site. I didn’t really expect a response, but they responded right away and ever since then I have been corresponding with AC at Splendies each month and it has really made for a wonderful experience. For instance, I wear almost exclusively thongs, and now they make sure that each month that is what I get for all three pairs!

September was a great month because  not only did I get my three thongs, but subscribers got a sneak peek at their new brand collaboration–American Apparel!


Here are my 3 new thongs for September!


The blue pair is the new addition from American Apparel! This was a really classic cut and was pretty comfortable.


The red pair is the only one I haven’t tried yet. It’s frilly and sheer so I am saving it for a…ahem….special occasion.


The lace navy pair is from another wellknown brand, fredericks of hollywood. fredericks is known for lingerie and I have received and enjoyed pairs in previous shipments.


Closeup of the lace on the fredericks pair. the flowers are very pretty, and the lace is quite soft!


I am always ecstatic when I receive lace banded thongs like this–this is the style I wear most often due to comfort and also because they are more flattering around my curves 🙂

I won’t model these for you because, let’s face it, this ain’t that kind of blog and i am NOT going down that road. 😛 There’s no referral system yet in place, so if you want to try Splendies or Volupties just head on over to!


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