September Ipsy: Classic Beauty

I know what you are thinking. Keri, it’s October. Get your ish together. To which i respond with a resounding, “SHUT UP, I’M COOL!”

But seriously, readers, Ipsy has been getting later and later. It doesn’t arrive early like it used to and let’s face it, I have a lot going on. I haven’t posted a LOT of my September boxes yet. Stay Cool. I will get them up ASAP. For now, let’s review September’s Classic Beauty Ipsy bag!


Overview shot! Bag full of goodies, info card for Classic Beauty, and referral reward Nyx palette!


Closeup of the blag. Ties into the cobalt blue trend for fall!


4/6 contents. This is the first time I can honestly say I was disappointed in my bag. I just got a huge basket of hair stuff at a fundraiser AND a hair cut and I have no use for a full body shampoo adding volume to my already thick hair. I also have been turned off of pencil liners, preferring gel liner now.


Em Cosmetics life palette samples. I HATE powder samples like this, and the actual prices for this makeup brand are ridiculous.

DSCN2410 DSCN2412 DSCN2413

Here’s a look at one of the good finds in this bag. It’s no secret I like Nyx brand. This is a nice, slightly offwhite shimmer color.

DSCN2414 DSCN2415 DSCN2416

Swatches of the Nyx bronze smokey look kit. I have yet to find a go to neutral palette so I am looking forward to playing with this one. There is a good mix of matte and shimmers, and the glosses look like they have a fair bit of pigmentation.



This mascara rolled away when I opened the bag and I found it the next day! It’s an elizabeth mott exclusive for Ipsy but I haven’t tried it yet. I have about 15 mascara samples to go through!


Summary: MEH. This is the first time I have really been let down by Ipsy. There were some great items available, such as butter London polish, chella highlighter pencil, & cailyn lip pot–none of which I received! I am sticking with the subscription because I am waiting for new rewards to cash in my referral points. So Ipsy, you have until my points run out to impress me again! Luckily for them, they have been releasing the sneak peeks of October’s bag this week and there are some good looking prospects!

If you are interested in trying out Ipsy, click here to sign up for the wait list!



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