Butter London’s Giddy Kipper–purchased solely based on name.

As the title suggests, I bought this color because it shares a name with a very special individual in my life. 


This is my furbaby Kipper. My family is VERY english and my little brother (half english, quarter dane) named him when he was found last summer. Naturally when I discovered that butter london had combined two of my loves, I snagged it during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale. 


These are the tools i used. The sally hansen hardener and topcoat are supposed to be a DIY hack for gel nails.


Two coats of Giddy Kipper with Essie SOTT over top.


Giddy Kipper is a gorgeous creme blue-toned purple. I probably could have gotten away with one coat, honestly.


an angle shot to show off some of the SOTT goodness!

I only have 3 butters (the others are British Racing Green and Shambolic) and this is the first manicure using ANY of them. I was thrilled with how this turned out!

as for the Sally hack, i’ve done several manis like this and my nails are definitely flaking less. The topcoat delivers when it says it gives you a rock hard finish, and its definitely high gloss too. One caveat–this is not a base/topcoat combination if you are going to do more than 2-3 total coats of polish or art. I recommend Seche Vite for nail art. but for basic colors and small touches like flakies, its perfect for a durable polish with a nice finish.

What’s your favorite Butter?!


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