Palette Wars: Urban Decay Ammo Palette (original)

Welcome back! I am on a virtual roll this week, posting every day! I even managed to remember my giveaway was ending (congratulations Natalie!) and replace my old, tearing paper blinds with real grown-up person curtains (even if the rods are spring loaded instead of mounted). When my life goes to pot, work goes really well, so the fact that my home life is fine should tell you a little about the source of my stress the past week or so. ugh. But I didn’t make this post to vent about my life or have a therapy session about arrogant jerks who can dish it but can’t take it.

You are due for another palette review! I picked up the Ammo palette on sale before UD released the new updated version. I ended up not being able to use it for a whole week–not enough variety for a work week. I need spice in my life–just ask my wardrobe about all the articles of clothing I own with union jacks.


Here’s a reminder of the palette. I have swatched it before and there are swatches all over so I didnt waste time and eyeshadow swatching again. sorry, ladies.


Day one went for a more neutral look. I look really tired here (more tired than normal) but honestly i did this so long ago i can’t even remember why.


I played a bit with the pinks & purples here.


I am looking much more awake here. This was my birthday! You know, 7…weeks…ago. haha. So this was a Sunday, which explains my bright eyes (and bushy tail?) and also why i was able to use brighter colors.


back to work appropriate makeup and tired eyes! thank goodness for glasses. I used the black in the outer corners here and i really like how it turned out.


Final round with earth tone shades from the palette.


By the by, did you notice how this post might as well have been called “Evolution of Kerianne’s Eyebrows”? Yikes!

I would be interested to see how the new formula of UD Ammo compares to this version. Anybody have insight? Which version do you have?


Nail Art Catchup

Good evening readers! I’ve been posting a lot of box reviews lately, so here are some manicures to catch you up on what my nails have been sporting over the last few weeks…months? It might be months now. I’m probably the world’s worst beauty blogger 🙂


This was my birthday manicure! I used two Zoyas–Zoya Sailor from the fall cashmere line, and Zoya Sunshine, their similarly colored fall Pixiedust. On the middle finger is Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippman.
I love the ease of application and full coverage of Zoya polish. These pictures do not do it justice!


Here we have some stripe tape art, featuring butter London British Racing Green over Color Club Silver Lake. The “accent nails” are where I screwed up the taping >.< I dressed them up with Zoya Opal flake effect topcoat. I had been coveting this color green for a very very long time and finally snagged it for $10 during Ulta’s promotion in September.


I tried out two more of the Zoya fall cashmere line–Louise (brown) and Pepper (red). These colors are scrumptious. I won the full cashmere set at the end of september at a fundraiser and i couldnt be more thrilled.


Another new butter London–Scuppered. Incredibly hard to photograph. This polish is actually comprised of gold, green and red glitters and has amazingly full coverage.


You got a sneak peek of this one in last week’s Birchbox reviews! This is Zoya Flynn, of the cashmeres, and Ruffian’s Hedge Fund, from Birchbox. This was also my first attempt at interlocking dots…BE GENTLE.


Getting closer…HOMECOMING! This was from a few weekends ago. I went back to good old MoCo to march with the alumni band and did an accompanying mani. I honestly can’t remember what the blue and grey were that I used. The glitter was from the Sephora OPI Cinderella set.


This mani is….action packed. I know I used Sonia Kashuk Fatigued and Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Candy Corn. with striping tape. and rhinestones. Honestly I STILL can’t decide if i liked it or not.

Believe it or not, I have even MORE manicures to show you since I last uploaded pictures, as well as some very special manicures I created for charity. But more on that another time!

Do you all love Zoya and butter london as much as I do? What do you think about my quilted bedazzled manicure? Hit me up!

New box for readers! Beauty Box 5–October

I mentioned a little while ago that my OCD internet shopping kicked in and I signed up for 3 new beauty subs. OOPS #sorrynotsorry.

I don’t feel bad because just ended. Nevermind the fact that Goodies was a snack box and only $7….SHUT UP.

Beauty Box 5 was one that I saw got pretty good reviews, so I decided to add it to our review repertoire. Here’s what I got:


You know me and my love for good packaging. This logo is just ADORABLE.


Take it easy? Don’t have to tell me twice! Now if only they had sent me one of those cute polka dot mugs and some fingerless gloves….


Breakdown of the included items for October.


The Nubar polish is SMACK full of glitter 🙂 and I always stretch out my toe separators with my big fat toes so these are nice. I’ve gotten La Fresh in other bags and loved them as well, and Aveeno is a well known, reputable brand for sensitive skin–I am drowning in lotion right now so I haven’t tried THIS one yet.


Let’s not forget the lipstick. I have seen Model Co popping up in boxes for MONTHS but somehow never seem to get it! I was excited to finally get some–and check out the built in mirror on the tube!


The shade is sunset and its an ever-so-slightly orange neutral.


Here it is on! I think it’s more of a summer color for me, but the formula is creamy and smooth.

So there’s something a little new for ya. At $12/month, it is only slightly more expensive than Ipsy and Birchbox. That being said, this box appears to be somewhat in infancy, with no referral program or rewards system YET in place. For more information, visit their website.

Do you subscribe? Tell me about your experiences!

BIrchbox Two-fer…Heritage & Beauty Buzz

So apparently I am so far behind I owe you not one but TWO Birchbox reviews. Whoopsie-doodle. Lets get right down to it.


September’s theme was…Heritage!


A glimpse at the info card.


I’m not sure if this coupon code still works but you are welcome to try it on!


Item description card.


The box, as it arrived.


Everything unwrapped!


A closeup of the coastal scents palette. These are all earth-toned shades and appear to be great for fall.


Swatches of the shadows. They have good pigmentation and apply smoothly. There is a bit of powder fallout.


October was the month of Beauty Buzz!


Here are the items I received.



Here is the info card. While the items were nice, it is a little upsetting that the cleanser and accompanying cloth are considered 2 separate items, and the 5th item is Chapstick.


The offending item. It also isn’t that awesome of a Chapstick. It purports to smooth out lips, moisturize, and lock in moisture for 8 hours. However for me at least it does so by creating a gross film across my entire lip, like a wetsuit.

In the above picture you can also see the Ruffian nail lacquer in Hedge Fund, from the Heritage box in September. I do really enjoy this color and it was a good addition to my ever-growing collection.

DSCN2809 DSCN2810


The dermablend finishing powder is nice. It’s slightly darker than my normal powder, bareMinerals mineral veil. I will use it but I don’t think I will switch brands.



theBalm Stainiac. I half expected a liquid like benetint, but this is really more of a gel. It gives a nice color but I will have to get used to the consistency of the product.



All in all, the last few months I have felt rather underwhelmed with Birchbox. What have you ladies thought?


If you havent signed up for monthly Birchbox yet, go here and take the preferences quiz! Fun fact, you can take the quiz and sign up for an account but aren’t obligated to subscribe until you are ready 🙂


I didn’t forget about you! and October Julep Maven

Hello readers! I am INCREDIBLY sorry for not posting in so long! As I’m sure you know, sometimes… life happens. You get lazy. You ignore things that need doing. As a result, I have probably 25-30 posts I COULD do right now. What I will do (since we are in the November selection window) is take a look at this last month’s Julep Maven box.


As you can see, I opted for a few extras. I added on the mask out of sheer curiousity, the glow in the dark Casper, and the golden ochre shade. They also mysteriously put in a matte topcoat that I wasn’t charged for. SCORE!

Sep 13 Julep1

Left to Right: Cleopatra, Valerie, Dahlia, and Casper. Shown on nails in 2 coats. Casper is a nice shimmer that actually will look decent as a top coat, not wash it out like other glow polishes might.


The kajal eyeliner is double ended–brown and black. the application is smooth and if I wasn’t so in love with gel liner (or needed something quick, or a makeup emergency) I can definitely see myself using this.

Sep 13 Julep-001

Sep 13 Julep2

quick mani using Dahlia and Valerie. This really doesnt do the shimmer of Valerie justice. I also didn’t wait to take pictures, so you can see I don’t color inside the lines very well 🙂


Everyone’s favorite kind of picture–Kerianne as SWAMP THING. Feels like tar? SURE, lets rub that all over my face!


I feel like I’m going to be in an old timey minstrel show. I took this shot so you could see the CHUNKS. thats right, there are wierd hunks of nonsense in this goop. I’m not entirely certain what function they hold, since this isnt an exfoliant and you have about 5 seconds to spread it before it dries.


Here I am, after the allotted waiting period, demonstrating how dry it is. I am pressing my fingers onto my face and then rolling them back and they remain clean. I am shiny and I feel like an action figure…or Joan Rivers.


Yes, it really does peel off in big chunks! Obviously it can tear but I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could get it off in one piece like an orange peel.


YUM. I don’t even know what this looks like. If you look closely you can see the surface kind of looks like ostrich skin, but it really looked like it got more hair than crud out of my pores. I will try it again for good measure. It’s certainly DIFFERENT.


Did you get any of these colors? What box are you taking in November?


Not a Maven? Sign up here, take the style quiz, and use code FREEBOX to pay just 3.99 shipping your first month!


I really am sorry for the neglect guys. I am totally going to maybe do better!


And don’t forget, check out my previous post to enter my hair dryer giveaway!


Misikko Beauty HanaAIR Dryer Review & Giveaway!!

I teased this a few weeks back and then pranked you all by giving away an ebook. The day is finally arrived!

I was presented with the opportunity by Misikko Beauty to review one of their hair tools–either a dryer or a flatiron. I have a CHI ceramic flat iron I am happy with, so I opted to try the HanaAir Professional hair dryer.

Here’s a look at the package I received:


Seriously, look at all those goodies! The packaging was well done and a nice touch.



‘Tis the season! I go through nail files like water and the hand sanitizer will be useful while I am out volunteering.


Beautiful purple bath roses!


This is a heat safe case for my flatiron!


But wait, there’s more!


Like this cute little guy! He is SO. SUPER. SOFT.

DSCN2350 DSCN2351

A brand new brush, and eyelash curler.


Here it is! This is the hair dryer. Besides it being shiny and new, it is much more up to date than the dryer I was using previously.

Down to brass tacks:

There are 3 buttons on the handle. One turns it on low, on high, or Off. The 2nd button is 3 heat settings. The top button toggles Cool Air–This was the BEST feature for me because my previous dryer required you to HOLD IN THE BUTTON. you know, because your hands aren’t busy doing other stuff.

This dryer is powerful! It dries my hair really quickly and evenly–with hair as thick and long as mine, that’s really saying something. I should also point out my hair is not color treated and hadn’t been cut since LAST September.  I also was able to get two perspectives–I did my hair with the dryer both before and after my recent haircut.

DSCN2400 DSCN2442

This is my hair, pre-haircut, with nothing but the HanaAIR and my hands. My hair is shiny, completely dry, and looks healthy. The first time (left) it actually did over-dry it a bit; the 2nd time I made sure to use a heat-protection product, which I normally do, and this alleviated any excessive dryness in my hair.


I apologize for the lesser quality of this picture–this was actually taken with my cell phone the day of my haircut. My hair gets cut in my kitchen by my neighbor (a professional, I swear!) but his dryer broke and I ended up having to dry my own.  You can see I didn’t take off much in the way of length, however; I was still incredibly satisfied with the use of the new dryer.

I also tested out the eyelash curler; this was less than stellar and I will not be switching. My one hiccup with the dryer itself was that the nozzle attachment was difficult to put on. Once it was on it worked like a dream 🙂

I know what you are thinking. But Keri, how can I get one of these amazing hair dryers?! Well, if you are impatient and refuse to wait, you can find them on their website under Best Professional Hair Dryer.   Misikko also posts giveaways and beauty advice on their Facebook page. 

You can also go to a Rafflecopter giveaway !!

Earn entries by following, liking, and commenting! Also, huge shout out to Nicole, who really made this giveaway possible when I was accidentally sent two products and for providing me all the links I needed to send you all the right places 🙂

While Misikko provided me these products to review and giveaway, all pictures and opinions expressed are my own, and I will be paying for prize shipping out of pocket.

September: My first Starlooks Starbox & Birthday Starbox

I can’t recall if I mentioned before, but I just added several new boxes to my subscriptions for your reading pleasure! One of them is the Starbox by Starlooks. I first heard of Starlooks when I received a lip liner in one of my Ipsy bags–I remember that on the forums people thought it odd that they would share items with a subscription service when they have their own. Here is a look at my first box.


I was a bit surprised that it came in a mailer and not a sturdy box like the majority of my subscriptions (ipsy excluded). However, it is 1 of only 2 that marks them as fragile (Bondi also does so)


If you couldnt tell by now, I’m a sucker for cute packaging.


Glitter wax seal. I am finding the materials for this and sealing all my future letters this way.


Free month of Ooberluxe was included. The FAQs are confusing and I will probably never use this.


Info card. because this is how real women apply their makeup 😛


Item descriptions of everything included.


all the items in their packaging!


Falsies! I am just starting to experiment with falsies so I am looking forward to trying these!


I wonder if they made this lip gloss an innuendo on purpose…


The bottle for the lipgloss is cool! It’s like it is faceted but when they were setting the glass they twisted it. that makes sense, right?


Gloss swatch. It’s sparkly and I know this will be going over other lip colors to add some shine!


The eye liner/cream pot–Milky Way.


It looks pretty much like my other gel liner pots.


The package states you can use it as liner, eyeshadow, or a base for either of those two things so I swatched it in a line and blended out. It’s very shimmery and I can definitely see myself getting use out of this.

I was happy with the items I got and I can’t wait to use them!

The day after this arrived, I got another shipping notification from Starlooks. I didnt get charged twice and I was really confused. I had no idea that they would be sending a whole separate box for my birthday in September!


i LOVED everything they sent for my birthday! SO GREAT. What have your experiences been with Starlooks?

September Splendies & New Collaboration!

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that Splendies is one of my non-cosmetic monthly boxes. Splendies, for $12 a month, sends you 3 pairs of underwear–and if any of you ladies lean towards the curvaceous, they also offer Volupties in plus-sizes which is slightly more expensive.

After my first month, I submitted some generic website feedback via the form on the site. I didn’t really expect a response, but they responded right away and ever since then I have been corresponding with AC at Splendies each month and it has really made for a wonderful experience. For instance, I wear almost exclusively thongs, and now they make sure that each month that is what I get for all three pairs!

September was a great month because  not only did I get my three thongs, but subscribers got a sneak peek at their new brand collaboration–American Apparel!


Here are my 3 new thongs for September!


The blue pair is the new addition from American Apparel! This was a really classic cut and was pretty comfortable.


The red pair is the only one I haven’t tried yet. It’s frilly and sheer so I am saving it for a…ahem….special occasion.


The lace navy pair is from another wellknown brand, fredericks of hollywood. fredericks is known for lingerie and I have received and enjoyed pairs in previous shipments.


Closeup of the lace on the fredericks pair. the flowers are very pretty, and the lace is quite soft!


I am always ecstatic when I receive lace banded thongs like this–this is the style I wear most often due to comfort and also because they are more flattering around my curves 🙂

I won’t model these for you because, let’s face it, this ain’t that kind of blog and i am NOT going down that road. 😛 There’s no referral system yet in place, so if you want to try Splendies or Volupties just head on over to!

deborah lippmann–Wicked 10th Anniversary collection

I have another post combining two of my loves! This time, instead of fluffy Kipper, polish is combined with a love born from my childhood: Musicals! This year the Broadway musical Wicked celebrates its 10th anniversary and this limited edition trio of polishes from Deborah Lippmann pays tribute to this incredible story.

For those of you not in the know, Wicked (based on the first book in the Wicked Years series by Gregory Maguire) tells the story (and pre-story) of the familiar Wizard of Oz, from the perspective of the two witches. The 3 polishes in this collection are named after original songs from the musical.


The adorable packaging! I love the Wicked logo on the bottles, and note Elphaba on the left corner of the box, and Glinda on the right!


Little note on the back regarding Deborah Lippmann and musicals in general. The three songs the colors are named for are Popular, Defying Gravity, and One Short Day.



One coat of each, L-R Popular, Defying Gravity, & One short day.


2 coats of each! Popular is still on the sheer side and would make a great jelly sandwich shade. Defying Gravity is now opaque, as is One Short Day.


Other angle. One Short Day really would fit right in at the Emerald City!


I think this trio is a fantastic tribute to both the Wizard of Oz and Wicked. Each polish is completely unique in all its properties as well.

How many of you snagged this trio? Are you going to now? ($29) DO YOU LOVE WICKED LIKE I LOVE WICKED?!?!