Palette Wars: Nyx Be Fierce!

Hola Chickas! Some of you may recognize this particular palette as one of the IpsyMe sales that sold out in a matter of 2 minutes. I was lucky enough to snag it, swatch it, and put it to the test this week! I know I have already done Nyx (Haute Jersey) but I swear I have more brands in the works for you! (Urban Decay? Lorac? THE elusive JASMINE PALETTE??)


Here are the swatches. Already you can see there is much more variety in this palette, for both the shadow options and the lipstick pots.


Day 1: I opted for some of the browns here. I’m still kind of stuck when it comes to neutral looks so I don’t think the colors I picked out actually ended up going very well together at all. You live, you learn!


Day 2: Here I played with some of the greys! I definitely have cooler toned skin because I find that the silvers and blues look so much better than the golds and browns.


Day 3 was a very sheer look. I was wearing a sequin tank top and I didn’t want to overdo it with powerful, bold makeup too.


Day 4 brought me right back to the greys. This was a little darker than the eyes from day 2.


On the 5th day, I played with some of the pinks and purples.

Like most Nyx, I found the colors easy to work with and the blushes flattering. How did I do? Do any of you have this palette? HOW CAN I REEEEEEECH DEES KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS? Let me know your thoughts!


One thought on “Palette Wars: Nyx Be Fierce!

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