August Lootcrate Cake & September Lootcrate Animate!

You may have been wondering where my last two Loot Crate reviews were. Or maybe you weren’t, but at any rate they are late. No excuses, I am a lazy pants and overwhelmed with life and never got around to it. I forgot, whatever. Such is life.

August’s theme was CAKE, centered around Loot Crate’s anniversary.


This box was stuffed to the brim!


New in August were these nifty little pamphlets that show all the goodies you are getting 🙂 Image

I didnt take all the pages for you, but here’s a sneak peek at the fun word find included!Image

Overview of all the fun loot from this month! A lot of Portal stuff, plus Walking Dead, Woot, and Jelly Belly jellybeans. Image

Walking Dead zombie hunter figurine. I’m really far behind in the show because I am a pansy about watching scary shows alone in a creaky old house, but what I have seen was brilliant!Image

Hilarious tshirt design from shirt.woot! Its a caffeine molecule and it fits perfectly 🙂 The shirt is very comfortable, and I will be ordering another shirt, since they included a coupon for another order.

September’s box was themed Animate, and was based around classic cartoons from childhood–luckily, they picked MY childhood, and I loved the whole box!


The first item was a Futurama keychain. The box shows some of the options. Image

I got Leela! I was very glad, since she’s one of my absolute favorite characters, and voiced by the AMAZING Katey Sagal. Image

Anyone else remember Ren & Stimpy? I wasnt allowed to watch it, so naturally it was one of my favorite shows to sneak when Mom wasn’t paying attention! Unfortunately, My Ren doll didn’t talk like it was supposed to, but I emailed Loot and they are shipping me a replacement!Image

Yoshi Lip balm! It tastes awesome and even gives my lips a slight reddish tint as well as moisturizing and being adorable.Image

Michelangelo was my favorite turtle growing up! I was thrilled to bits to see him and he is officially my first Funko Pop!


Slapped these stickers on my polish cabinet immediately!Image

If Pikachu was drawn as a 90s nicktoon…..Image

Stormtroopers as the TMNT! It’s a full magnet and of course is now on my refridgerator, with my glee, flyers, and princess leia laser brains magnets. 


Everything pictured together! Each month always has lots of surprises. I really enjoy this box, as it is really the only trinketty box I get–everything else is food or cosmetics. If you want to sign up, click here.


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