Palette Wars: Nyx Haute Jersey, complete with obligatory duck face

This installment of Palette Wars takes an in depth look at the Haute Jersey palette. Though the Jersey Shore MTV phenomenon is thankfully past for the most part, the dirty jerz is something that will always have a presence here in PA by simple properties of proximity.

Palette Wars

A look at the palette, in its classy gold leopard print glory.

Palette Wars1

Swatches! A lot of the shadows are very similar.

Palette Wars2

i warned you…here is the duck face! I felt like it was my moral obligation to provide this. you know….for science.

Palette Wars3

Day one. Great wing day for me.

Palette Wars4

Went for softer, more natural colors on day 2.

Palette Wars5

pinks and browns. i didnt get a good shot of it but i even paid tribute with a leopard print shirt here on day 3.

Palette Wars6

bolder look here with blue crease. this felt SUPER Jerz to me.

Palette Wars7

Best look of the bunch.


Like I said in the beginning, a lot of these shades were very similar and it was difficult to get variety.  The color payoff wasn’t as good as I have come to expect from Nyx products, either. The most useful product here was the camo blush/bronzer which was a fantastic color for me.


Anyone else try this palette? Any palette requests?



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