Success story: leopard manicure!

well ladies and lacquer-inclined gents, i have done it. i first attempted a leopard print manicure design and didn’t fuck it up! The only tool I used was a dotting tool. Let me show you these babies, since I figure it’s been a while since I showed you some nails!


the silver holo background is color club. the pink is a pixi shade, the yellow is julep and i dont remember what the blue is. the back is orly liquid vinyl.


this was deceptively simple to accomplish. ❤ dotting tools.


closer up shot so you can inspect the AWESOME


fun fact…i did NOT match this tank top on purpose! i did it subconsciously, and obviously had to wear it to work the next day!


Everyone raved about these nails at work and i was SO proud of my work! I had heard it was easy but i could hardly believe it!! Have you tried it yet? Any other designs you want to see me try? Lay it on me!


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