Palette Wars: e.l.f. Beach Beauty Day Palette

Egads! It has been over a week since I posted. My apologies. Sunday was my birthday and I got very popular all of a sudden, with plans every day from Wednesday to yesterday. Things are settling down so you should be seeing more from me.

I am bringing you the next edition of Palette Wars, where I use exclusively one palette for about a week to test it out, see how creative I can get, and how versatile a palette is. You already saw the Crown Brush palette, which was flimsy and full of fallout. Let’s see if everyone’s favorite economy brand can do any better!


The cover of this palette is fun and sturdy. However, it’s also white. That means that soon it will also be filthy.


Swatches! 16 shadows, 8 glosses, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers. At this point I noticed that the eyeshadows are in coordinated columns of 4, so I only did 4 days of shadow looks, one shadow column a day. Image

Here is the first day, or what I can the Pink day! I also managed a pretty SWEET retro eye liner. Image

Day 2, gold set. Was bolstered by my previous eyeliner success to sport a double wing this day. Image

Blue! These colors are bolder. I added a frosty blue liquid eyeliner from H&M. Image

Last but not least, the green column! It was hard not to look like a leaf, but there you have it.

There was significantly less fallout and the color payoff was MUCH better here. For a retail value of $6 (and I paid less because TARGET CLEARANCE!!), it is definitely a great experimental palette.

What palettes would you like to see join the war? I am working on Nyx Haute Jersey and Urban Decay Ammo (1st gen) currently, but have many more to choose from, so let me know! I bet I have it 😛


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