Compulsions: Good for You, Bad for My Bank Account!

This is going to be short and sweet. I just subscribed to THREE new beauty subscriptions. While this means you will get more reviews and pretty picture posts, this is more monthly money I am spending. Why? Why am I doing this? I’m not subscribing INSTEAD of purchasing new makeup. I’m not shopping smarter at all, necessarily. All this has done is enlighten me about even MORE products to love and go out and spend my money on!

I don’t know. I’ve always been very money savvy. I bought a new car this year, I have no credit card debt, and last year I paid off one of my student loans. I make enough money that most of the time I’m not living paycheck to paycheck. I can afford it. So why do I always feel so guilty afterwards?

Maybe I think people will perceive me as throwing my money around because I don’t get my stuff for free like other bloggers. Maybe I’m worried that one time I will have a low paycheck and overdraw my account. Maybe I believe that my family and friends will judge how much money I spend, especially because I still have student and car loans.

Maybe all this makeup, polish, and skin care is a cover-up of the fact that on Sunday I’m turning 27 and I’m not in a relationship but not single enough to date, my body doesn’t do what I want anymore, and the goal of marriage by 30 is pretty much slipped through my fingers.  Maybe.

Whatever the reason, be on the lookout for some new posts! Starbox, Beauty Box 5, and….um….sample society maybe? I think. It’s incredibly sad that i don’t even KNOW what i signed up for not an hour hence.

HENCE. (read: I’ve been reading far too much Game of Thrones and I tend to take on the speaking and literary styling of those with whom I spend the most time. Seriously you should hear my British accent after I hang out with my grandfather!)

That’s it. A little therapy reading session this evening. Any thoughts or comments are always welcome; indeed, are encouraged most strongly. Thanks for stopping in!


4 thoughts on “Compulsions: Good for You, Bad for My Bank Account!

    • …is this a joke? i saved up for a year to have a downpayment to have a new car, and my old car needed replaced. i’ve only had the car since May and I worked my ass off to get it. why would i sell it and then how the hell would I get to work?

  1. Oh I apologize, I meant no offense! When you mentioned that you were worried that you might overdraw your account…..I just know how much new car payments can be.

    • AH, the internet is so easily misinterpreted! No, I’m not actually worried financially. It was more of me trying to figure out why I feel so guilty about buying things I know I can afford.

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