August 2013 Goodies Co Taster’s Box

I just got the email that they are processing my SEPTEMBER box, so I thought I had better get this one up, albeit rather late. This was only my second Goodies box but honestly it’s so inexpensive that even if I only like one thing a month, I win.


The box! The bright box always makes me feel as if something good is in store!


The box, first opened. This is wierd but I love how they partition the boxes–it reminds me of those snack gift sets they sell at Christmastime and it makes it feel more like a present to me 🙂


The items spread out.


The beverages. The drink was supposed to support eye health. Obviously one bottle isn’t enough to test that claim, but as long as you drink it chilled its tasty!
The instant coffee I had every intention of trying at work. However, I got into a baking spree one night and was improvising with a box of cake mix and packaged frosting and all I had was cream cheese frosting. I mixed this in-BOOM. Best coffee frosting I’ve tasted, and everyone at work loved it!


And of course, the snacks. Starting from top left:
Ranch sunflower seeds–not a fan. I don’t like when they flavor the outside of something you have to peel, anyways.
Snyders naturals vegetable chips–I love Snyders products but these underwhelmed. There are so many veggie chips on the market and no one brand stands out to me. I would probably choose Snyders because its a local brand.
Tangy Zangy Twisties–These were your run of the mill sour candies. The portion was small, but that was probably a good thing because sour candies are one of my favorites.
Poplets–These are unpopped, flavored popcorn kernels. My gut reaction was gross, but then I kept glancing at that opened, barely touched snack bag and ended up devouring them! Not something I would keep in stock, but not something I would turn up my nose at either.

I wasn’t entirely happy with this box. None of the products really wowed except for the instant coffee–which I didn’t even use for its intended purpose. However, for 7/month I have no right to complain! There’s no referral program, so just head over to if you want to try it out! If you do, make sure you always fill out the product review surveys afterwards to earn points! After two boxes I already earned over 300 points–and 300 gets you a free box so I won’t be paying anything for my September box! Since it’s my birth month, I think it appropriate. I’m getting old, might as well STUFF MY FACE.

Anybody else get Goodies?


2 thoughts on “August 2013 Goodies Co Taster’s Box

  1. Hello…I am also a Goodies was good to read your review that even if you didn’t particularly like a product, you worded it in positive attitude. I have been getting the boxes for about 6 months & will also be getting my next box for 2nd free box in 6 months isn’t that ratio, I figure after a year, 4 of my boxes will have been free…And as you stated for $7 a month, it is fun to see what all you get & even if the box doesn’t WOW is great to try new things, rate them & share. I take mine to the work place & we have a taste-off. I have tried other home delivery ‘box’ offers besides Goodies & based on what I have received & the price..Goodies is the best deal so far!

    • Hey, thanks for sharing! Bringing it to work is a good idea…I usually just have it for dinner 😛 The only food box I get right now besides Goodies is Skoshbox–which is all Japanese snacks and treats, and that’s $12 I believe. I did try Munchit because the first box was free–that one is weekly, $3 a week, and you know what you are getting, just not which week you get it in. It was good but I like the surprise of Goodies & Skoshbox.

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