September Julep Maven: CItyscape & Sale Haul

I fully intended on skipping Julep this month. I am really looking forward to some of the items in other September boxes and I have been underimpressed by their customer service. However, when I saw the colors and items this month, I couldn’t resist!


I do so love having boxes on my doorstep when I get home! Especially when they have that little pink sticker…I opted for 3 add-ons this month!


OK, so packaging could have been better, Julep. This looks a little messy.


Here are the add-ons! Great fall colors this month to get me ready for the change in season.


I got the middle color because it’s my cousin’s name but it’s one of my favorite shades!


Under the paper are the monthly Bombshell goodies. Again…mail guy must have been driving over cobblestones or something.


This month’s quote.


Little goodie. I haven’t quite figured out the point of a single swiper pad of remover but this will get stuck in my emergency kit.


Oil cleansing is the newest big thing, so I was excited to try this!


Out of the box. You apply it dry and massage it into the skin, and then rinse with warm water. I wasn’t sure how well it would rinse (being oil) but it actually worked and my skin felt cleansed.


This month’s colors!


Karmin is a beautiful fall red-gold, and Daria is grey.


Everything! The monthly goodies as well as the add-ons.


Karmen! It was hard to catch the gold flake shimmer but it really reminded me of changing leaves.


Another shot of beautiful Karmen


Here’s one of the add-ons, Reece. It is purple, green, silver, and holographic microglitter. It’s like outer space.


Another view of Reece.


I also couldn’t help myself and bought a few things on sale. These were ordered and shipped before my monthly box, and didn’t arrive until a few days later. I have to say, I probably won’t shop outside of the monthly boxes anymore because for non-subscription purchases, Julep has switched to DHL. DHL is notoriously outrageous in shipping times, and had a huge fiasco with Ipsy last month in losing bags and not updating tracking.


5 polishes and 4 lippies!


Lip swatches! I really like the top one. 2 of the colors are matte, and 2 of them are sparkly.


Closeup shot of the polishes.


Shot o the color names


I had to test one of these out of course! This is Otte from the Fall 2012 Trine Turk collection. I actually just did that this morning!


Another shot of Otte (hehe….rhymes.)

What did everyone think of their boxes? If you haven’t signed up for Julep yet, you can do so here. Also, if you use the code FBFREE at checkout your first box is free except for shipping.  Happy shopping!




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