Bulu Weightloss Box August 2013

I had an opportunity to try Bulu Box for free one month, so who can argue with free? NO ONE, that’s who.

Bulu Box gives you nutritional supplements to try. You can get a regular Bulu Box or one geared to weight loss. I opted for the weight loss–you can switch at any time during your subscription.


The box is very enthusiastic!


There are lots of inserts in this box. There’s no way this box will make my body do that though.


I like this idea of a sample journal. I am always scribbling notes all over the inserts of my boxes so that I remember what to write about. This one, surprisingly, only got written on for two things!




I might not even use this…I’m pretty sure I would forget to cancel.


Brochure about one of the products included.


Finally! down to the nitty gritty.


I saw these and went….OH. Weight loss pills are largely ineffective and often make me shaky. I had higher hopes for Bulu, honestly.


This was better. It tastes like Tang! I used it in place of my morning tea one day, and it basically had the same effect. I feel like this would be an excellent replacement if you are trying to cut out the creams and sugars in your morning coffee.


I tried this, but it wasnt much different than 200mg of ibuprofen and I didn’t find it any quicker. Not to mention that I usually need more than that anyways. For me, I will stick with gelcaps.


These scared me, but they were actually really good! I mixed them into a vanilla lowfat yoghurt. They were similar to crushed pistachios in texture and flavor..and appearance, really.


I wanted to like this, I really did. and at first it tasted good. I could detect spices like cinnamon. The texture was very gritty which might be better in a blender. I couldn’t decide if it smelled good. It’s also something you have to drink quickly. It got thicker and thicker as it sat, and after an hour of trying I dumped the sludge down the drain.

Overall, the box was a little meh but I can’t complain for a free box, especially since I discovered hemp hearts!

There’s no referral system, but you earn points which translates into dollars in their store. Also, there was a website snafu where people were seeing other people’s names and addresses–this was addressed quickly and everyone involved got 3 free months. Their customer service is phenomenal in this regard..and this also means you can look forward to 3 more reviews from me!


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