Palette Wars: Nyx Be Fierce!

Hola Chickas! Some of you may recognize this particular palette as one of the IpsyMe sales that sold out in a matter of 2 minutes. I was lucky enough to snag it, swatch it, and put it to the test this week! I know I have already done Nyx (Haute Jersey) but I swear I have more brands in the works for you! (Urban Decay? Lorac? THE elusive JASMINE PALETTE??)


Here are the swatches. Already you can see there is much more variety in this palette, for both the shadow options and the lipstick pots.


Day 1: I opted for some of the browns here. I’m still kind of stuck when it comes to neutral looks so I don’t think the colors I picked out actually ended up going very well together at all. You live, you learn!


Day 2: Here I played with some of the greys! I definitely have cooler toned skin because I find that the silvers and blues look so much better than the golds and browns.


Day 3 was a very sheer look. I was wearing a sequin tank top and I didn’t want to overdo it with powerful, bold makeup too.


Day 4 brought me right back to the greys. This was a little darker than the eyes from day 2.


On the 5th day, I played with some of the pinks and purples.

Like most Nyx, I found the colors easy to work with and the blushes flattering. How did I do? Do any of you have this palette? HOW CAN I REEEEEEECH DEES KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS? Let me know your thoughts!


August Lootcrate Cake & September Lootcrate Animate!

You may have been wondering where my last two Loot Crate reviews were. Or maybe you weren’t, but at any rate they are late. No excuses, I am a lazy pants and overwhelmed with life and never got around to it. I forgot, whatever. Such is life.

August’s theme was CAKE, centered around Loot Crate’s anniversary.


This box was stuffed to the brim!


New in August were these nifty little pamphlets that show all the goodies you are getting 🙂 Image

I didnt take all the pages for you, but here’s a sneak peek at the fun word find included!Image

Overview of all the fun loot from this month! A lot of Portal stuff, plus Walking Dead, Woot, and Jelly Belly jellybeans. Image

Walking Dead zombie hunter figurine. I’m really far behind in the show because I am a pansy about watching scary shows alone in a creaky old house, but what I have seen was brilliant!Image

Hilarious tshirt design from shirt.woot! Its a caffeine molecule and it fits perfectly 🙂 The shirt is very comfortable, and I will be ordering another shirt, since they included a coupon for another order.

September’s box was themed Animate, and was based around classic cartoons from childhood–luckily, they picked MY childhood, and I loved the whole box!


The first item was a Futurama keychain. The box shows some of the options. Image

I got Leela! I was very glad, since she’s one of my absolute favorite characters, and voiced by the AMAZING Katey Sagal. Image

Anyone else remember Ren & Stimpy? I wasnt allowed to watch it, so naturally it was one of my favorite shows to sneak when Mom wasn’t paying attention! Unfortunately, My Ren doll didn’t talk like it was supposed to, but I emailed Loot and they are shipping me a replacement!Image

Yoshi Lip balm! It tastes awesome and even gives my lips a slight reddish tint as well as moisturizing and being adorable.Image

Michelangelo was my favorite turtle growing up! I was thrilled to bits to see him and he is officially my first Funko Pop!


Slapped these stickers on my polish cabinet immediately!Image

If Pikachu was drawn as a 90s nicktoon…..Image

Stormtroopers as the TMNT! It’s a full magnet and of course is now on my refridgerator, with my glee, flyers, and princess leia laser brains magnets. 


Everything pictured together! Each month always has lots of surprises. I really enjoy this box, as it is really the only trinketty box I get–everything else is food or cosmetics. If you want to sign up, click here.

arbonne re9 advanced skincare regimen review

Dig back into the recesses of your memory, to the early days of this blog you are reading. You may have a vague recollection of me, your writer, throwing an insanely incredible princess themed party–at which one of the princesses in attendance was an Arbonne independent consultant.

Danielle Swiss (who has allowed me to publish her name and Arbonne FB page) is a friend of mine from college. She almost got me killed during freshman orientation weekend but could always be counted on to harmonize with me singing “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” on the streets. She also gave us all makeovers and facials and gave me two sample sets of the RE9 Advanced Skincare regimen: one for me, and one for my wicked stepmother. (Hey, that’s not a dig….she signs my birthday cards like that)


The samples came in these neat little packets with step-by-step instructions. luckily, since Danielle also used these products at the party, I knew that you only needed a teensy little bit of each step to cover your whole face. This little kit lasted over a week!

There are 5 steps included: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Eye Cream, and Moisturizer. The sample kit included 2 different day creams (regular spf25 and one for super intense moisture spf25, for dry skin) and a night cream.

My favorite aspect of this set is that the thing smells like an orange grove! They don’t have that fake orange soda orange smell–legit, fresh squeeze oranges in every bottle. The product page on the Arbonne website has more information about the botanicals and its appropriate-ness for sensitive skin. Let me give you a little break-down of what I thought of each of the products.

Cleanser: This product worked really well and smelled delicious. It foams just the right amount and like I said, a little dab goes a long way. Personally I will be sticking to my philosophy and my suki foaming exfoliator, but if I ever need a change this is where I’ll turn.

Toner: This is one of the only things that doesn’t smell of oranges. It has a slightly floral smell. I could visibly see a difference in the regions around some of my clogged pore areas (ee, yucky!). I have found a drugstore dupe as far as I’m concerned–Boots Botanicals brightening toner smells identical and has similar effects. The ingredients probably differ slightly but it works for me.

Serum: I am seriously considering this. I am currently product testing several other serums (philosophy, Murad, etc) but this was exquisite. This took the tightened skin of the toner and added firmness. Again, I took a squirt about the size of a pencil eraser and it took care of my whole face.

Day Creams: The one for drier skin was too much for me, and made me feel oily. Even with the regular I had to be careful not to use too much or I would be shiny. Would be great for older skin but I think I’m a little under the age cut-off for this.

Night Cream: The cat did NOT like this one. Every night I came to bed after using this he looked at me like I had just punished him for something. Which he probably deserved. This did put good moisture in my skin. I might get this too, but I am also testing other night creams and moisturizers to make sure.

Danielle will correct me if I am making this up, but I am pretty sure that she told us that Arbonne bottles automatically dispense a face-sized amount of product. i.e, you would pump once and have the right amount for each step. I think that is a really cool feature–especially for more fluid products such as serum where it is far too easy to over-squeeze.

As for the stepmonster, she said ‘I am loving this!” so there’s a ringing endorsement if ever I heard one.

Go here to view the RE9 line.

Have any of you tried this? what are your favorite Arbonne products? I do have some cosmetic samples to try as well 😀

Palette Wars: Nyx Haute Jersey, complete with obligatory duck face

This installment of Palette Wars takes an in depth look at the Haute Jersey palette. Though the Jersey Shore MTV phenomenon is thankfully past for the most part, the dirty jerz is something that will always have a presence here in PA by simple properties of proximity.

Palette Wars

A look at the palette, in its classy gold leopard print glory.

Palette Wars1

Swatches! A lot of the shadows are very similar.

Palette Wars2

i warned you…here is the duck face! I felt like it was my moral obligation to provide this. you know….for science.

Palette Wars3

Day one. Great wing day for me.

Palette Wars4

Went for softer, more natural colors on day 2.

Palette Wars5

pinks and browns. i didnt get a good shot of it but i even paid tribute with a leopard print shirt here on day 3.

Palette Wars6

bolder look here with blue crease. this felt SUPER Jerz to me.

Palette Wars7

Best look of the bunch.


Like I said in the beginning, a lot of these shades were very similar and it was difficult to get variety.  The color payoff wasn’t as good as I have come to expect from Nyx products, either. The most useful product here was the camo blush/bronzer which was a fantastic color for me.


Anyone else try this palette? Any palette requests?


Success story: leopard manicure!

well ladies and lacquer-inclined gents, i have done it. i first attempted a leopard print manicure design and didn’t fuck it up! The only tool I used was a dotting tool. Let me show you these babies, since I figure it’s been a while since I showed you some nails!


the silver holo background is color club. the pink is a pixi shade, the yellow is julep and i dont remember what the blue is. the back is orly liquid vinyl.


this was deceptively simple to accomplish. ❤ dotting tools.


closer up shot so you can inspect the AWESOME


fun fact…i did NOT match this tank top on purpose! i did it subconsciously, and obviously had to wear it to work the next day!


Everyone raved about these nails at work and i was SO proud of my work! I had heard it was easy but i could hardly believe it!! Have you tried it yet? Any other designs you want to see me try? Lay it on me!

Surprise Giveaway….off-topic, and Not the one i told you about

So, I know I just told you I was having a giveaway. And put up a test contest. This isnt it. However, I just joined Tomoson and they gave me this ebook of scary stories and 3 of my readers can win copies! Not only will this get us in the holiday spirit, I can further test Rafflecopter AND give my ladies something to do while their nails or facemasks are drying.

THe description of the book from the author is as follows:

The stories in this book present a buffet of fear in its subtle flavours: suspense, apprehension, foreboding, disquiet. They don’t shock with extreme violence or gross out with masses of gore. However, they may induce terror, and some may leave you disturbed long after you’ve closed the book.

Fear is personal. The same story may constrict one person’s chest and set their heart racing, yet send only a mild tingle down another readers’ spine.

We all have certain personal fears, and if a story touches on one of those themes, the horror escalates. If you have a dread of drowning,  I Dived the Pandora will be the scariest story for you.
Dog lovers may find Black Karma cute, but if canines give you the creeps, you may read it and shudder. While most readers find The Bridge Chamber scary, it can be a source of unbearable terror if you’re claustrophobic.

The great thing about horror fiction is that it puts you in control of your fears. In the comfort of your armchair, you can release the adrenaline rush that comes from danger, enjoy its thrills yet know you’re safe.

You decide when, how, and how much you want to be frightened. You can choose to linger over passages that give you a pleasant thrill, read straight though sections that do nothing to you, and if a story gets too frightening for your taste, you can close the book and relax.

With a short story collection, you can skip some stories and savour others that give you fear in your preferred colour, flavour and strength.

My brand of horror is ‘quiet’ in the tradition of classic British spooky tales, atmospheric and creepy rather than gory and violent.

The stories in this book have been previously published in magazines, ezines, collections and anthologies, sometimes in different versions. They’re also collected in volumes 1-5 of the Six Scary Tales books.  The grammar and spelling are British.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Click the Rafflecopter link to enter!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


This is a test. I recently got a product to review, and they accidentally sent me a spare! I contacted them but they told me I can do a blog giveaway 🙂 This is just to make sure I am capable of using Rafflecopter without extensive googling because I am second guessing my tech-savviness, even if the IT guy at work things I should be a technical writer.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Palette Wars: e.l.f. Beach Beauty Day Palette

Egads! It has been over a week since I posted. My apologies. Sunday was my birthday and I got very popular all of a sudden, with plans every day from Wednesday to yesterday. Things are settling down so you should be seeing more from me.

I am bringing you the next edition of Palette Wars, where I use exclusively one palette for about a week to test it out, see how creative I can get, and how versatile a palette is. You already saw the Crown Brush palette, which was flimsy and full of fallout. Let’s see if everyone’s favorite economy brand can do any better!


The cover of this palette is fun and sturdy. However, it’s also white. That means that soon it will also be filthy.


Swatches! 16 shadows, 8 glosses, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers. At this point I noticed that the eyeshadows are in coordinated columns of 4, so I only did 4 days of shadow looks, one shadow column a day. Image

Here is the first day, or what I can the Pink day! I also managed a pretty SWEET retro eye liner. Image

Day 2, gold set. Was bolstered by my previous eyeliner success to sport a double wing this day. Image

Blue! These colors are bolder. I added a frosty blue liquid eyeliner from H&M. Image

Last but not least, the green column! It was hard not to look like a leaf, but there you have it.

There was significantly less fallout and the color payoff was MUCH better here. For a retail value of $6 (and I paid less because TARGET CLEARANCE!!), it is definitely a great experimental palette.

What palettes would you like to see join the war? I am working on Nyx Haute Jersey and Urban Decay Ammo (1st gen) currently, but have many more to choose from, so let me know! I bet I have it 😛

Compulsions: Good for You, Bad for My Bank Account!

This is going to be short and sweet. I just subscribed to THREE new beauty subscriptions. While this means you will get more reviews and pretty picture posts, this is more monthly money I am spending. Why? Why am I doing this? I’m not subscribing INSTEAD of purchasing new makeup. I’m not shopping smarter at all, necessarily. All this has done is enlighten me about even MORE products to love and go out and spend my money on!

I don’t know. I’ve always been very money savvy. I bought a new car this year, I have no credit card debt, and last year I paid off one of my student loans. I make enough money that most of the time I’m not living paycheck to paycheck. I can afford it. So why do I always feel so guilty afterwards?

Maybe I think people will perceive me as throwing my money around because I don’t get my stuff for free like other bloggers. Maybe I’m worried that one time I will have a low paycheck and overdraw my account. Maybe I believe that my family and friends will judge how much money I spend, especially because I still have student and car loans.

Maybe all this makeup, polish, and skin care is a cover-up of the fact that on Sunday I’m turning 27 and I’m not in a relationship but not single enough to date, my body doesn’t do what I want anymore, and the goal of marriage by 30 is pretty much slipped through my fingers.  Maybe.

Whatever the reason, be on the lookout for some new posts! Starbox, Beauty Box 5, and….um….sample society maybe? I think. It’s incredibly sad that i don’t even KNOW what i signed up for not an hour hence.

HENCE. (read: I’ve been reading far too much Game of Thrones and I tend to take on the speaking and literary styling of those with whom I spend the most time. Seriously you should hear my British accent after I hang out with my grandfather!)

That’s it. A little therapy reading session this evening. Any thoughts or comments are always welcome; indeed, are encouraged most strongly. Thanks for stopping in!

August 2013 Goodies Co Taster’s Box

I just got the email that they are processing my SEPTEMBER box, so I thought I had better get this one up, albeit rather late. This was only my second Goodies box but honestly it’s so inexpensive that even if I only like one thing a month, I win.


The box! The bright box always makes me feel as if something good is in store!


The box, first opened. This is wierd but I love how they partition the boxes–it reminds me of those snack gift sets they sell at Christmastime and it makes it feel more like a present to me 🙂


The items spread out.


The beverages. The drink was supposed to support eye health. Obviously one bottle isn’t enough to test that claim, but as long as you drink it chilled its tasty!
The instant coffee I had every intention of trying at work. However, I got into a baking spree one night and was improvising with a box of cake mix and packaged frosting and all I had was cream cheese frosting. I mixed this in-BOOM. Best coffee frosting I’ve tasted, and everyone at work loved it!


And of course, the snacks. Starting from top left:
Ranch sunflower seeds–not a fan. I don’t like when they flavor the outside of something you have to peel, anyways.
Snyders naturals vegetable chips–I love Snyders products but these underwhelmed. There are so many veggie chips on the market and no one brand stands out to me. I would probably choose Snyders because its a local brand.
Tangy Zangy Twisties–These were your run of the mill sour candies. The portion was small, but that was probably a good thing because sour candies are one of my favorites.
Poplets–These are unpopped, flavored popcorn kernels. My gut reaction was gross, but then I kept glancing at that opened, barely touched snack bag and ended up devouring them! Not something I would keep in stock, but not something I would turn up my nose at either.

I wasn’t entirely happy with this box. None of the products really wowed except for the instant coffee–which I didn’t even use for its intended purpose. However, for 7/month I have no right to complain! There’s no referral program, so just head over to if you want to try it out! If you do, make sure you always fill out the product review surveys afterwards to earn points! After two boxes I already earned over 300 points–and 300 gets you a free box so I won’t be paying anything for my September box! Since it’s my birth month, I think it appropriate. I’m getting old, might as well STUFF MY FACE.

Anybody else get Goodies?