Splendies August 2013

If you don’t remember me posting about them before, Splendies is a monthly subscription that sends you panties!


Once again, very discreet packaging, a plus when purchasing unmentionables online.


Nothing fancy, just wrapped in pink tissue.


I was so excited to see these! I had filled out a feedback form on the website and had gotten an email back thanking me and asking me what I would like to see and she would put my next month together by hand herself! Obviously it was true, because not only did she listen when I said I wear mostly thongs, but she also made sure at least one of them was name brand. And they are adorable!


Fredericks of Hollywood! Their panties run upwards of 12-20 bucks, so this one pair is worth the whole subscription!

I was much happier with this month’s items than last month’s. I think I will go one more month (who doesnt love new panties on their birthday??) and then cancel because I have SO MUCH UNDERWEAR. It is a great deal, especially with the chance of getting higher end products randomly. I’ve been impressed with the customer service as well.

The feedback I submitted to them was to create ‘accounts’ and a referral/rewards program. This doesnt exist yet which makes it difficult in these early stages to track packages or check on your subscription. There is no way to manage the account currently, which can be off-putting. However I was told this is something they were trying to put into place so keep your eye out!


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