Crown Brush Hautelook Bag, and a Palette Observation.

I am going to go backwards and start with my observation. I am in an eyeshadow RUT. Which is just fucking ridiculous because i have about fifty palettes, not to mention trios, quads, duos, and singles. I have come up with a simple solution–I am just going to limit myself to ONE palette for an entire week at a time! I hope this will force me to be creative and get to know my palettes more intimately and form longer stronger bonds with them. God, that sounds like relationship advice..”you need to spend more time together as a couple”.

It’s true though–your makeup IS like being in a longterm committed relationship. You have committed yourself to look fabulous and to use these tools and products to do so. Sometimes it’s love/hate–those days when you just can’t get your wings to work, your foundation is for the wrong season and doesn’t match, you sneeze during mascara application. Sometimes, you neglect your makeup partner–you might go a day (or twenty) without touching it at all. Your relationship could be abusive–left to melt in a hot car, dropped, smashed, unwashed brushes, cracked lids.  But at the end of the day you love them and they have the capacity to make you your best you.

THus I am going to introduce you to the palette this week. I am actually already on Day 2 of this palette. A month or two ago Hautelook had a beauty bag from Crown Brush for sale, and I am a sucker for beauty boxes and bags.


Everything was stuffed into this bag. I don’t understand the white cosmetic bag obsession. I got one from Ipsy too, and it was filthy within a week. I might try and decorate it somehow–aka i will draw on it with Sharpie.


4 pack of Kabuki brushes, brush roll and set, eyeliner with sharpening lid, cosmetic wedges, and the leopard is the top of the palette. The wedges will probably get used for manicures. The brushes are soft but shed easily so they are my spares when my regular brushes are being washed.


The palette! The quality surprised me, but there is a bit of fallout. The colors are nice and bold though, and show up nicely without a primer (but obviously better with, since my greasy creases would make short work of it). I will be posting swatches with my looks at the end of the week!

Hopefully I can make this a Sunday thing…summarize the looks of a palette and show the flexibility and variety of which each is capable. Maybe I will be able to pick favorites! HA.

Did any of you grab this Hautelook bargain? Or does anyone else want to do my palette challenge?!


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