July 2013 Lootcrate: Back to School!

NEWSFLASH: I’m a huge nerd. Lootcrate is one of my favorites because it is completely pointless and yet there’s always at least one super useful thing that makes it worth it. I totally rock my pixelated sunglasses all the time…it brings laughter and happiness to those around me!

July’s theme was Back to School, in honor of the completion of the first season of their TV series, Video Game High School. The big ticket item in this month’s box was the complete first season on DVD!


I love seeing this box on my doorstep…


Contents! I’m in love already because I see the Star Wars logo!


Breakdown of the contents!


Score! My headphones at work are about to kick the bucket so these being included is a godsend. If I wasn’t so tired, I would have TOTALLY written this caption in Yoda-speak.


teh lolz. Emergency Wireless Keyboard…aka…a number 2 pencil.


Spiderman Pez dispenser! There’s always some candy stuck in. This is now on my coworkers desk–I gave it to him to match his Spiderman mousepad.


Pins! I would probably be at the School of Force & Finesse…I am terrible at shooter games.




Air Freshener. This went into my car IMMEDIATELY.


Love it! This went onto my personalized Caboodle for my Polished Girlz volunteer supplies.


The DVD. I haven’t even unwrapped it yet but it looks like a fun premise.


The back, with images from the series.

Is anything of this convincing enough for you to try Lootcrate? Sign up here! Also, you can save 12% with the code CAKE. If you sign up before the 20th, you will get August’s box, which was already revealed to have a t shirt included! The August theme is Cake to celebrate LootCrate’s anniversary.

Happy nerding!


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