Wantable Makeup Box! Courtesy of Reddit :)

A few weeks ago, Stuart at Wantable posted on Reddit saying he wanted to give back to the Reddit community, and sent us a link to 20% off our first box! Of course I hopped on that! I never signed up for Wantable before because it’s more expensive than the others and I couldn’t justify the expense.

Wantable (if you are interested) is either a one-time purchase or monthly subscription. They have both a cosmetic box and a jewelry box, which I think is a neat feature! I opted for makeup, as you probably guessed, and I seriously love everything I got!


The packaging is very professional, and I’ve mentioned before I love when my purchases compliment me!


The contents, arranged artistically.


THe package comes with an insert to describe the items to you, as well as including little beauty tips!


Rainbow Honey, The Kraken. LOVE this color! I am a sucker for glitter, plus nautical and mermaid polishes and makeup are very popular this summer…as if I needed an excuse!


Susan Posnick, COLOREYEDESIGN. This double ended pencil has a slant-tip eyeliner pencil and a sponge end on the other, with purple shimmer eyeshadow in the cap. I thought the idea was innovative! It took a while to get used to using the shape of the eyeliner, but the colors go well together and I will definitely use this a lot!


29 Cosmetics D’Vine Mascara. This mascara has vitamins and conditioning substances in it. It is a chocolate brown color, which is good for more subtle, natural days. I try to alternate this with my go-to Clump Crusher to keep my lashes healthy! I tried to layer it, one layer this and one layer CC but it didn’t look as awesome so I use it by itself.


3 Custom Color, Simply Beautiful Cheek Tint. This didn’t show up in swatch but it was lovely and subtle on my face. It’s sweating a bit in the picture because the box was delivered while I was at work and it’s been hot this summer.


This is a pretty standard lip brush. I always prefer retractable for lip brushes, since it keeps gunk from getting in it if you are out and can’t wash it or used a sticky gloss.


Using the eye pencil/shadow combo, blush, and mascara! It’s a nice, subtle use of color and definitely works for a work day!

The last item included was an Apothederm Firming Serum, for anti-aging. I haven’t tested it yet as I am currently testing other skincare samples. I am still young but am starting to think about preventative measures against aging so this will definitely get tested!

According to the insert in the box, the retail value for the products is over $90! I paid $32 after the discount we were given by Stuart. Everything was a full-sized product except the Apothederm serum, which was a  sample. I am incredibly pleased and while I can’t afford a monthly subscription, I will definitely be back for more when I have birthday or Christmas money:)


Did anyone else nab that offer on Reddit??


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