New Polish Box from Bondi New York!!

Otherwise known as: The USPS debacle of a LIFETIME, and why Bondi New York (& Richard) Have THE BEST customer service!

Bondi New York is apparently a decently well-known, 5-free nail polish brand that is available in many salons and stores. I had never seen it and I don’t even remember where I heard it, but about 6 weeks ago I heard that there would be a new nail polish subscription. 3 polishes and a beauty product (1-up on Julep, TYVM!) So I hopped on that bandwagon! New things to try, new products to review…

All the boxes shipped 8/1. Kind of. They ship from New York (go figure) and I live outside Philadelphia, so honestly it wouldnt have been farfetched to expect it the next day. But a week goes by and my tracking number doesn’t update. I hopped on to the Bondi NY Facebook page and discovered that a large number of subscribers experienced this. They asked us to email if it hadn’t updated by a certain date–they had used a small P.O. that didn’t scan all the packages.

The date comes, no updates. I emailed customer service. Within a few hours, they had sent all of us an email with a formal apology, a plan to circumvent this issue next month, and a $10 off coupon to use in the store. SO IMPRESSED. Between that, the quality of the polish, and the quantity, this may edge out Julep. I haven’t quite decided yet.

On to the box! It arrived today and even though I am super behind in posts I had to get this up right away!


I’m not sure why no one’s every thought to mark nail polish as FRAGILE before.


Intro card and first glimpse!


flip side, welcome note. I can’t argue with any card that calls me gorgeous 🙂


Beauty freebie–black cherry lip balm! Tastes great! The black cherry distinguishes it from that medicinal cherry flavor of typical chapsticks.


Suki products! You know I LOVE LOVE the lemongrass facial scrub, so I am very much looking forward to giving these a whirl once I’m done my Arbonne skincare trial .


Love these colors! It’s like they were handpicked for me.


Uptown Girl is a creme lilac shade.


Teal Magnolia is, well, teal. duh.


Horny Mistress wins best polish name ever! It’s a great classic red as well.


The whole box! While it wasn’t the beauty items I had hoped for after seeing some of the other boxes, I am by no means disappointed!


Swatches! Each swatch is done with one coat all over, and a second coat on the bottom half only.


AAAAAAAAAAAAND manicure! I had to use all the colors! Plus this is my first use of striping tape! This is over 1 coat of OPI Bling Dynasty, for a touch of neutral shimmer.


I think it turned out well, all things considered! Thanks Bondi!

Suggestions for improvement:

-Referral program, earning points or little rewards

-Quiz and/or profile to determine which ‘extras’ you get

Did any of my other readers check out the new Bondi subscription box? I can’t thank Richard and the Bondi crew enough for their stellar service, and I am very much looking forward to the fall preview box in September!


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