Wet N Wild Pop Art Limited Edition Trios! ALL THE THINGS!

ImageThat’s right, party people. I went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription, and snagged them ALL. So rather than do 6 whole posts and review the trios and take up everyone’s time, I used one trio a day to create one giant review post!


To Muse and Carouse

What I love about these trios is that they are good for beginners, since the shadows are printed with the suggested usage of each. I followed the suggested usage just to make my reviews uniform.


Excuse my smudged eyeliner, I was impatient 😦

As you can see, these colors aren’t particularly vivid. I’m still trying to warm myself up to matte pastel shadows and I wasn’t satisfied with how this one turned out. I did use primer but I feel like this trio may require a stronger base such as a solid white underneath to bring out the colors.


Hard Being the It Girl

I’m loving these titles…if only I had realized 10 years ago that i was the It Girl….


It was wierd having two very light colors around this bold blue crease, but I definitely thought this looked better than the first one I tried! Also apparently the undereye concealer I used that day looks green in photographs…oops.


A Regular at the Factory

But which factory? I don’t get it. It must be a joke that goes over my head.


These colors are very tropical and summery but again, I wish they were bolder. I do like the combination though and will try this trio other ways in an attempt to get more out of it!


Three’s a Party

This is by and large the trio I was most excited to try. This is one of the classiest color combinations I know of and I was excited to see how it looked.


The kissy faces were just to show off a contour I was particularly proud of, not because I think its attractive in the least.

Success! Paired with the black and white striped top you can see (actually a body con dress) and a red highwaist pencil skirt and black and red pumps, this look was very retro/pinup glam and I LOVE it! I have done red and black eyes before so I can’t wait to try this in all different ways!


Your 15 Minutes Aren’t Up!

I certainly hope not. I still havent achieved life goal #1 of being a rock star.


This trio was more Spring than Summer to me, but I like it. The colors are very floral and I will hold onto it until then. This one I actually don’t mind how pale the colors are, it suits these particular shades well.


I’m Seeing Triples!

Ain’t that the truth.



This one got the most outside notice around the office. The color combination is fruity and great for summer.

Overall, I think the quality and variety is good for a drug store brand cosmetic. At 2.99 a trio, these were a good bargain and I would never have thought of some of these color combinations myself!

Have you tried any looks with these trios?


3 thoughts on “Wet N Wild Pop Art Limited Edition Trios! ALL THE THINGS!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I think used as directed is scarier and more bold than necessary on a day-to-day. But you could totally mix it up and use the colors differently to create more muted looks!

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