The Face of Addiction

This is how someone referred to me at a party over the weekend. Yes, it’s kind of true. Yes, it was said in jest and that’s how I took it. (and goddamn if this is the face of addiction at least its PRETTY)

That being said, I think that it’s an addiction that’s not really taken seriously from a medical/psychological sense. Your insurance won’t pay for you to go to ‘nail polish rehab’, and calling someone a ‘shopaholic’ is largely used as a joke–and while alcoholism is occasionally used this way, and I’ve heard ‘you crackhead’ more times than you can count, if these were true there are many resources available.

For kicks, I googled Shopaholics Anonymous. yes, it exists. However, it seems to be geared more towards people with shoplifting problems.

“Counseling for shoplifting addictions, compulsive shopping addictions and overspending, Hoarding / Cluttering disorders and solutions for employee theft…”


 Debtors anonymous doesn’t seem to apply…since I never buy on credit, I don’t use money I don’t have and the only debt I have is student loans and a car loan. My credit card has been completely paid off for over a year.
I once had my affliction referred to as FOMO–“Fear Of Missing Out”. This term was used because primarily my shopping revolves around good bargains–I hardly ever pay full price for something unless it is absolutely necessary. Subconsciously, apparently I am afraid of missing out on the deal, having to pay more later or not being able to acquire the item. (See my love of the new Limited Edition Ariel collection from Sephora!). I don’t even know if that is legitimately a thing, FOMO, but there isn’t any FOMOs-Anonymous that I’ve ever heard of!
But Keri, why are you bringing this up now? You know you suck at not-buying things! Your no-buy lasted like a minute!
3 words for you my friends: Urban Decay Sale.

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