Order Up! Food Box Reviews-Munchit week 1, Goodies July, and Skoshbox August

This post is jampacked with delicious treats, so I’m just going to get right in there!

1: Munchit Weekly Snack Box

Munchit is a relatively new sub box that delivers a tasty snack to your door every Wednesday, for only $3.58/week! They ran a promotion in June/July where the first 300 subscribers received their first box for free, so naturally I jumped on that bandwagon! Upon further reading, their snacks are all-natural and they try to offer healthy alternatives to normal vending machine fare.


This little snackbox was adorable! Look at all those stamps!


Opened! The packaging is simple and minimal, but totally adorable! I spy some yummy snacks!


Everything laid out. Snack mix, herbal tea bag, hard candy, and Glee gum. Plus napkin made out of recycled materials!


Stash strawberry pomegranate tea. I already loved Stash brand, and this tea did not disappoint. Very fruity, the strawberry is subtle and not overly fake like some flavored teas can be.


Tea, Candy (organic pomegranate flavor), & Gum.


Route 66 snack mix. Munchit makes their own snack mixes, with pics and descriptions on their site. You get to decide which you are interested in trying, and which not to include! This mix included Organic golden flaxseed, whole natural almonds, golden raisins and sun-dried cranberries. On a whole this was delicious–the flaxseed took getting used to but was a nice touch.


I love that their business card was a handrawn message–and the bite out of the top corner is a great detail! It’s the little things, guys.

This box works a little differently in that you are given a checklist of ALL their products, and you select what you like and unselect what you do not. I like this because you are guaranteed something you like or want to try, but still don’t know what you are getting each week! This subscription works out to about 14/month give or take, which i think is well worth it for some natural or organic products!

2: Goodies July 2013 Taster’s Box

This box is coordinated by the Goodies Company. They also have a kid’s box available, or you can buy snacks directly from their website. This is also relatively new and is still offering their introductory rate of $7/month! For 5 fullsized snacks–not samples! You also earn points by filling out questionnaires and doing product reviews on their website of the items you receive each month.


The goods! I’m salivating already…


Opened the box….


Fancy! a separator kept the bottled beverage from crushing the crunchy snacks–great touch!


The products: Glaceau sparkling fruit water, The Better Chip corn chips with sea salt, Crunchmaster multiseed crackers original, Cosmos Creations caramel flavor, and Cherry Lovers gummy candies.


Closeup shot!

The drink was basically what I expected. Good, but an identical products are available for what I can assume is a lower price. I would buy it but I wouldn’t go out of my way.

The crunchy snacks were all delicious! I loved the caramel corn snacks because it was like eating caramel corn without the obnoxious kernel bits that get stuck in your teeth! I have had the multigrain crackers before–they are very crisp and a little dry, so I tried them with a soft, slightly sweet cheesy spread! The corn chips were thick and good plain but would also be strong enough to handle chunky or heavy salsas and dips.

The cherry gummies came in about 10 flavors! Some I liked more than others but only one flavor reminded me of medicine and none of them were totally gross. I recommend getting your Goodies box now while you still get the intro price!

3: Skoshbox August 2013

This was the first month of Skoshbox and I am so impressed! 12/month gets you snacks, stationery, and other goodies from Japan, and free shipping! Here you can see the items from the August box, which I will now tell you aaaaaaaalll about. Their pictures are better than mine 🙂


The box itself was plain but I thought this info card was super classy!


Descriptions of the items! Even with this, it was hard to tell what everything was. I scribbled lots of notes on this–if only I had known the pictures were on the website!


August’s bonus item–beautiful wooden chopsticks! Very elegant.


LOOK at this deliciousness! I devoured everything IMMEDIATELY and this was my dinner.

I’m going to go into a little deeper detail in this A; because I still have my notes on it hanging around and B; because some of the items are unusual and require further notations.

Almond Rush–I received the white chocolate bar. This item was probably the most disappointing. It was a fullsized bar, but the almond flavor overwhelmed the chocolate, which tasted artificial. It was also thin and bendy instead of crisp like I would expect a higher end chocolate bar to be.

And that’s all she wrote! Have you tried any of these new snack boxes? Itadakimasu!

Suzume No Tamago–These rice cracker coated peanuts were amazing! There were about 10 in the sample bag, and they tasted like Thai peanut sauce. LOVE LOVE.

Cheese Kibun–I could have easily chowed on a pile of these. There were two in the box. The cheese flavor tasted like the cheese you might find in a sandwich cracker like Ritz.

Elise Stick–I received the Matcha flavor, which apparently is basically green tea flavor. It takes getting used to but I enjoyed it–not oversweet and not too crisp either.

Fuwa Fuwa Jelly–I got melon flavored, the texture was different but coat anything in sugar and its divine in my book.

Mini Salad–I wouldn’t buy this, the flavor was just OK, but I liked it. It is an unusual flavor that I can’t compare to anything here really.

Umaibo–Okay, GIANT HOLLOW CHEESE CURLS. Awesome! I got one of each flavor. Cheese was what you would expect from a cheese curl. Corn Potage flavor tasted like creamed corn, or if you are in PA Dutch country, corn fritters.

Milk Caramel–these weren’t anything special. Creamy caramel candies, as you would anticipate.

Fruit Gummy–I got one each of strawberry and grape flavored. They are true to flavor rather than the artificial flavors, which was nice, and weren’t overly sweet. I approve!


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