July Hauls!

Confessed shopaholic. If you have ever read any of my previous posts, you know this is me. Here’s a glimpse of some of the things I have bought this month. Only SOME.


This palette was available for about 30 seconds on Ipsy’s FB page using their new IpsyMe feature, where all you do is comment with the codeword and you buy the item. You have to link your FB to your Ipsy acct to do so.


There’s definitely some nice variety here and i love NYX products so I cant wait to break into this!


e.l.f did a promotion where you got this giant palette free with a purchase. its inexpensive to begin with so I couldn’t resist.


Here is the palette-a shit ton of shadows, 2 rows of lip color, and blushes/bronzers below.


Everything else–refillable palette with 4 colors, zit zapper, fan brush, and falsies with applicator. also, great train case that I used to transport a selection of polish on my vacation.


Shadows swatched!


Here is an order from BirchBox based on my June box. I loved the polish, lip stain, and scrub, so I ordered full sizes! Plus two free samples with the purchase.


Took my sister to Sephora @ KOP mall. 4 polishes, a bottle of Purity, and a whole slew of skincare samples with a bag, just for trying the new IQ feature where you scan an item and it tells you all the information thats on the website.


Half of my Hautelook pixi & popbeauty order. the falsies are a gift!


Swatches of the purple palette. On the back it tells you what the shadows should be used for (crease, liner, etc) and the two middle shades are highlighters.


Cocoa palette. Set up very similarly to the purple palette.

Also, let me just take a moment to RAVE RAVE RAVE about Hautelook’s customer service! As I mentioned, this was just half of my pixi & pop beauty order. There were 2 more items that were supposed to ship separately. When I got the 2nd package, it had completely wrong items! I emailed them right away, and got a response that it might be a few days before I heard because they were really swamped, so I opted to IM them. Not only do I not have to return the items BUT they did a complete refund of the 2 missing items AND the shipping! It went through immediately and I could not be happier!


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