A Smattering of July Makeup Looks

hehe….I love the word smattering, and its so underappreciated and unused.

Here are some of my faces from this month.


Coppery tones. I know for a fact that the lipstick is Hard Candy–Knockout. The eyeliner is NYX.


Green! Again, Knockout on the lips. The shadows are from a Wet N Wild trio set. I love them!


Not sure what you would call this but its fun. This is another WnW trio. I think this may have inspired the new retro/popart collection (which I bought in its entirety today) as this particular trio is called ‘Feelin retro’ or something like that.


Ariel palette look! I wore this when i took my younger sister to Sephora and the philosophy rep wanted to scan our faces to show us the sun damage. It was funny to have Sephora employees compliment me and they didn’t even know the Ariel palette was a THING. WHY DO YOU WORK THERE?! seriously.

As they say on Reddit, CCW!


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