I’m Back!! ….again…

Hey readers! Sorry I didn’t give you a heads-up but I was on VACAY!!! Every summer (mostly) my family (in some assortment) goes to Chincoteague Island Virginia for vacation and last week was the week! Needless to say I am behind on posts (again!) and came home to a ginormous stack of mail (and packages). Here’s a taste of the island for ya!


The view from our back porch overlooking the marsh at sunset


One of 3-4 beach manicures. Sand and seafood are hard on nails!


One natural beachy look i did AFTER the beach one night i knew we were going out!


The Annual Pony Swim! Yes, those are horse heads floating in the water! The pics are terribad because it was pouring rain for the 5 minutes the swim lasted. but I was waiting for this moment for 20 years!


Not 45 minutes later, it was sunny and beautiful and they paraded the herd of ponies down Main street to the carnival grounds.


My toes (and my stepmoms toes) in the sand!


Tanning, bitches! with proper SPF coverage of course. Can’t be fading that tat ink!


reading Glamour magazine in the sunshine! ( see how my thumbnail is now orange, and was mint green in my mani? yeah. )


Peace love and ponies! My first ever fishing trip and I caught a trout! HE WAS DELICIOUS. NO REGRETS.

Most people squint at me and try and figure out what I’m trying to say when I say ‘Chincoteague’. We rent a house, eat lots of seafood, go to the beach…and this year, there were 3 teenage girls in the house, so I took face masks and mani supplies and we had a BLAST.

Now, prepare for an onslaught of posts. I usually try not to post more than once in a day because I think people will perceive me as obnoxious if I do (even though I probably am anyways). However I just have too much in the way of goodies to share! Stay tuned!


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