Christmas in July, from Germany!

If any of you readers are denizens of my subreddit, RAoM, you know that we did a Christmas in July gift exchange! The gifts had to be mailed by July 15th, and we didn’t know who our secret santas were. My gift arrived yesterday and i was absolutely flabbergasted! My Santa went ALL OUT and I was so impressed.

For perspective on how much mail I have been receiving in general…this was on my doorstep yesterday.


The bottom package is my christmas gift! here’s a shot of the packaging for ya–check out all the stamps!

ImageIn case you cant read that, it says that it’s 12 days of christmas, and i have to open the gifts in ORDER. HOLY CRAP I LOVE THEMED PRESENTS. My excitement was building, and it was probably more exciting than real christmas.


Upon unwrapping, I found my 12 gifts, as well as an extra gifty for my kitten, Kipper, and a hilarious little Santa figure!


GIfts 1-3: Misscha BB cream, orange soap, and a VW magnet! My Santa stalked my Reddit history and this very blog to figure out good gift ideas for me. So she knew i had been dying to try Korean BB creams and that I just bought a new Volkswagen in April. The orange soap represents the traditional oranges given on Christmas in Germany.


Gifts 4-6: A new toner to try, glitter powder, and my very first Illamasqua product! its a practically fluorescent pink gloss and I love it. Again, my obsession with neon and sparkles is public enough for her to find it.


Gifts 7-9: Another present for Kipper! With an adorable poem. He loves it! Also a fabulous mascara and balm stain, both brands I never heard of but that I have since tested and ADORED.


Gift 11 (relax, i know i skipped 10!): PALETTE! The colors are great, there are pop up pictures around the mirror, and 2 cream eyeliners. OH, and a parachuting pirate ninja. with a cupcake. HELLO, FABULOUS.


Gifts 10,12, and the note: These 3 things were the most impressive, though only by a hair because the entire presentation was completely remarkable and awe-inspiring. The necklace is adorable, and HOW DID SHE KNOW MY VACATION STARTS MONDAY?! I don’t have anything like this travel bag and I really needed one. It’s absolutely perfect and just the right amount of quirky.

Isn’t that just fabulous?? I was so excited I couldn’t wait and this morning I was already diving into the products:


I know the bottom left picture looks washed out, but that’s because I didn’t wait for the BB cream to fully adjust to my skintone. As you can see in later pictures, it ended up matching quite well! Also, my shadow looks chalky in the picture, but that is because sparkle doesn’t photograph well. The only products I used of my own that I did not receive were moisturizer, eye primer, blush, and bronzer. All in all, I think I looked fabulous!


Products used!

The next gift exchange is at Halloween and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT. This was such a blast and I had such a wonderful Santa.

Do any of you have experience with any of these brands? Most of them are unknown to me!


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