RANT: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

If you read one of my mail posts, you will know that I got these Sally Hansen nail strips in my $5 Target beauty box. I got around to trying them out not that long ago….hoo boy.

The website touts “instant salon effects.” I hate to break it to you, Ms. Hansen, but these took WAY longer to figure out than my manis take to dry! Not to mention trying to match up the strips to my fingernails…stretching the plaid pattern evenly….not ripping it….

It also states it lasts 10 days and is easy to remove with regular nail polish remover. BOTH FALSE. The edges were lifting within a day–and I even had wrapped the edges with topcoat to try and extend the lifetime. So, I decided to remove them and move on. WORSE THAN GLITTER POLISH. basically the color came off and I was left with remnants of the silver foil base.

Hell…at least they LOOKED cool for a day.


Also…the line running across the nails mid-nail? That wasn’t user error. That is actually just how the strips looked–you can see where they were stamped and that’s where the ends line up. You can also see where the stretching was difficult to do evenly and i got tears (nail polish stretch-marks, haha) on a couple. behind the stretching is the silver color of the foil base. Luckily this particular pattern was pretty busy and observers didn’t seem to notice the flaws until I pointed them out.

All in all, this product did NOT live up to its promises nor my expectations. I will not be buying these again!


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