Princess Party Post Series: Phinal Post–ARBONNE!

Because in Philadelphia, everything with a ffff sound is spelled PH.

My friend Danielle is an Arbonne representative, and she attended my Princess party. We went to college together, and she’s hilarious and I love getting together with her. She hauled a whole bunch of her Arbonne arsenal with her to my Princess party completely without intent or expectation to sell, just to make us pretty! This is why I love her and will be posting much more about her. If you want to know more about Danielle, here is her Facebook page


Like I said, I am a horrible friend and even worse blogger, so I have no idea what she used. However my entire face is Arbonne products top to bottom. Bonus: My best friend got an Arbonne makeover too, and wanted to be on my blog! You saw her nails in my Princess party manicure post, here is her adorable tiiiiiny face to go with it!


Ain’t she cute?

And, because Danielle is so awesome she left me with all these samples! Expect reviews and looks soon!

DSCN1117 DSCN1115

She sent a bunch of samples home with BFF too–she basically opened the sample pack and gave the pale half to her and the tan half to me 🙂 I can’t wait to dive in–I have to be honest, I already did, but I can’t find the pictures and I wasn’t keen on the shade anyway so too bad for you.

FUN FACT: Arbonne does snacks, too?


As you can see if you can read my scribbly handwriting, this is an Arbonne Fit Chew in mango pineapple flavor. It was delicious. They basically are yummy little chewy candies–slightly more caramel in consistency than gummy. They have a wonderful fruity flavor and are designed to give you a satisfying little taste to tide you over until a meal so you arent reaching for that candy bar in your desk. A+ for branching out, Arbonne!


And with that, the Princess party posts have drawn to a conclusion. It only took 3 weeks….my bad. However now that I have nearly caught up to my lazy lifestyle AND it’s the weekend, I might be able to show you some really awesome things the next few days! Expect faces, polishes, reviews, and more! Stay tuned!


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