I Missed Your Face!!

Would you believe I am *still* behind from that one week I was unable to post? Yes. And I have 10 faces that you all were denied, incredibly. Rather than bombard you with 10 face posts in which I describe how I forgot which products I used and am unable to recall how well they lasted–I used my favorite Google Picasa feature and made collages!!  For funsies, you can guess what I used. I don’t rightly know myself, so chances are you might even know better than myself!


I’m fairly sure this was either done with the Ariel palette or Shany….or a combination thereof.


This may be the LORAC Red Carpet palette. Which would explain the “show off my blush head tilt” action of the center picture


No idea. Might be a blue NYX shadow trio I have. I know the eyeliner is from H&M.


at a total loss on this one.


Also no idea, which is a shame because I really liked this look. The red might be MAC Cranberry.


Rocking the 80s! the lightest shade could be the Mary Kay cream shadow I got in my Influenster voxbox (post forthcoming)


minimalist neutral look. unknown products.


Again the H&M eyeliner!


This one turned out AWESOME. The Mary Kay box came with a catalog that actually had a couple look tutorials in it. I just matched the colors as best I could find and I loved the results!


OK I know the liner is the Starlooks in tipsy from my last Ipsy and the lippie is Mary Kay in pink cherie from the voxbox.


This may also be the LORAC Red carpet palette.


Girls Night Out! I promise that’s a strapless shirt, I’m not nekkid.

So what do you think? TIps, advice, guesses on mystery products? Compliments encouraged 🙂 I dare you to feed this ego 😛


One thought on “I Missed Your Face!!

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