Nails, Nails, Nails–WARNING! May include Toes.

You’ve missed quite a few manicures, ladies! (I guess & gents…I don’t know if any of my male followers are particularly interested…) Let’s play the catch-up game!


This beauty was done a few days before the princess party. The gold is Zoya-Kerry (it’s so beautiful I forgive them for spelling my name wrong!) and the oceanic glitter is Sally Hansen-Mermaid’s Tale.


Funky Fingers-Jawbreaker! Which makes sense, though it also reminds me of funfetti cake 🙂


I call this my SUNNY DAY mani! NYC Skyline Blue with NYC French Tip clouds. Yellow is RImmel Sunny Days with Julep Hilary gold glitter.


As this was my first attempt at serious business nail art, I was super proud of my clouds! I used a cosmetic wedge sponge and painted one corner with the white polish, and dabbed away! This one got a lot of notice.

That’s what you missed on….NAILS.


2 thoughts on “Nails, Nails, Nails–WARNING! May include Toes.

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