Princess Party Post Series: Part 3-Hair!

I know I know, two in a day. What is up with that? Well what is up with that is I couldnt possibly wait another day to share with you this amazing hair my best friend did for me at the party! I saw it earlier last week browsing her Pinterest–she pins a lot of hair and recently cut all hers off. As you are about to see, I have lots of thick, long, shiny hair and she loves playing barbie with it! Now I just need to figure out how to do it myself….yeah, right.


I love how braids force all the different colors of my hair to be visible!Image

Jasmine is impressed.


I mean, right??? How faboo is that? I know, you said completely and utterly 😀 I need to start playing the lotto and having people come do my hair all the time, ain’t nobody got time for this.