Princess Party Post Series: Part One–Manicures!

Happy Monday! I thought I would start you ladies off with a Mani Monday, showcasing all the wonderful manicures accomplished at Saturday’s Grownup Princess Party! If you don’t recall what that is, I had a bunch of girls over and we did makeovers and nails while stuffing our faces, drinking fru-fru adult drinks, and marathoning disney princess movies. Sounds awesome right? I know, you are totally jelly of me and my kickass friends right now.


Everyone had a blast diving into my 100+ colors, admiring my swatches, and breaking in my brushes and dotting tools. A note on my manicure: I am disappointed that the duochrome quality of the polish in bottle doesnt translate onto the nails in the Orly polish, and if the orange Ruby Wing changes color, I can’t tell. nevertheless it still looks cool!

More Party Posts to come! I have hair, makeovers, free samples, decorations and a million pictures!

Until then, I shall leave you with an arbitrary Princess Party Pedicure! Adios!



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