Ruby Wing Festival Paint Summer Polish Collection

Happy Friday, TGIF y’all! I apologize for being so behind on posts–I’ve been using the next round of samples all week, I’ve got looks and manicures and reviews to post and not enough hours in the day. I have been getting ready for tomorrow’s Grownup Princess Party–a fun-filled day of outdoor relaxation, mani-pedis and makeovers, and of course, Disney Princess movies. I put together the goodie bags and I will be sure to post lots of pictures once all is said and done!

I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, however, so I am here to share a Manicure from earlier in the week using two solar color-changing polishes from the Ruby Wing summer collection. They are listed as 10$ on the website but go to 5 below and get them much cheaper 🙂

The colors I used were Groupie and Green Peace.


Indoor on the left, and Outdoor on the right.

I wasn’t super impressed with the color difference in the pink shade, Groupie. You can’t tell at all in the picture and IRL it’s very subtle. However Green Peace was drastically darker and both shades were beautiful.  I would definitely recommend the green; however the pink, although pretty, does not change enough to be noticed and for the solar effect I would not suggest that particular color. I have the entire set so I may be trying the rest soon.

What are your experiences with Ruby Wing? Have you tried these colors?



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