Product Review for the Pretty Pale People!

Hey party people! As I mentioned in this post last week, I got a BB sample in my Target Beauty Box that I thought would be too light for me–it comes in Light, Medium, & Deep, and I received Light. I gave it to my pale-faced, freckly, and incredibly gorgeous best friend, who agreed to try it out and test it for me! She sent me this email this morning :


Subject: the verdict!

I tried the BB crème and the bronzer you gave me this morning!  So my verdict is that even though it’s the pale one it was still a bit dark for my skin…gave me that face-is-a-different-color-than-my-neck jazz.  However, once I put on my (very pale – Mary Kay) mineral vale, it did actually even it out quite a bit and it looked a lot more natural.  I barely put on any bronzer because I was nervous about how dark the BB crème was, so I don’t want to give a final verdict on that, but it seemed pretty nice from what I could tell…it was my first go with applying bronzer though so I’m certainly no expert!

At the end of the day (actually…the beginning of the day) I ended up washing it all off before coming to work because I was too nervous that as the day wore on the too-dark bb crème would show through my mineral powder and I would end up looking uneven.  So the verdict is – that one didn’t work for me.  Color-wise.  Other than that it was nice – very light and it felt good on my skin and didn’t feel like it was clogging my pores like a foundation would – went on smooth with good, even coverage.  And actually didn’t even look too bad on my freckles.

In other news – I’m feeling like a princess today because I also tried out my new Cinderella eye shadow and I LOVE IT.  Its soooooooooooooooo NICE and it goes on like a dream! Can’t wait to see how it holds up as the day wears on, but I’m assuming it will be awesome, based on you experience with the Ariel one!  😀

Can’t thank you enough for spoiling me with that!!!!!!!!!!!!

(For those of you curious…I found a Cinderella palette on ebay for her which I thought would suit her better than the soon-to-be readily available Ariel) The bronzer she mentions is the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil which is a smidge pale for my tan summer skin but works nicely for her and smells delicious.

There you have it! If your name is white-ass Wally, don’t go for the Loreal Studio Secrets BB cream!


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